Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Better Flight Stand for the Doomsday Ark


The Necron Doomsday Ark is a fun, flying gun platform. On a tiny, fragile flight stand that was designed for models a quarter of its size. Mrs. Blackheart got tired of me complaining about it and set her mind to the problem.

Through the magic of 3D printing, we proudly present you a very stable alternative. 

It does need some sort of glue to stay attached. I used hot glue. Odd choice, I know, but it forms a really solid bond, and fills in gaps very well. Also it will be easy to break it loose with no damage to the model should that ever become necessary. Green Stuff, or gap-filling CA will work just fine as well.

The STL file is available here Please tip the designer if you find it useful. 

It really does make the Doomsday Ark much more fun to use on the table.

The Power of 3D Compels You!

Bring More Stability to the Necrons

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  1. For those few who would rather use you can also find the STL at that web site.