Friday, June 24, 2022

Tyranids Vs. Tau


So new Tau paint jobs, new Codex, same old beat down from the Tyranids.
100 PL, I was so ready to make some bugs dead!

And then the battle started. The Tyranids went first.

The Exocrine and Tyannofex have been improved. A lot. I lost both of my Hammerheads on turn one.
It didn't get any better after that. I was in so much shock, I only took three pics. 
The rum helped.

The Tau got steamrolled in three turns. I'm sure I forget a few of the (too many) special rules and abilities that might have made a big difference. This is an ongoing issue I'm having with 40K, and one I shall talk about soon.

As bad as the Tau got smoked, I'm very happy to see the Tyranids are scary once again.

Go Roll Some Dice
Try to Remember All your Rules

Monday, June 20, 2022

Drone Up


Not bad at all. 56 Drones painted in just two movies. (Big Trouble in Little China & Fifth Element)

Of course they are only painted to a nice battlefield standard, but I like them. Now it's time to move on to something big and extra shooty!

For The Greater Good

The More Expendable, the Better

Thursday, June 9, 2022



The painting queue. Twelve drones not in the shot.
So. Many. Drones. "Repaint your old Tau army," they said, "It will be fun!" they said.

Then you hit the point where 56 drones need paint or re-paint...

It won't be that bad, just kinda slow and repetitive. Time to pick a few long movies and get to work.

To cling to whatever sanity I have remaining, the flight bases shall remain clear! Unless it really bothers me once I see them on the battlefield...

Go Fling Some Paint
One Drone at a Time

Friday, June 3, 2022

Pathfinders Are Up


Just a quick post, I finished my new unit of Pathfinders. I had a squad of the original metal ones, but he new plastic kit tempted me, so I gave in a picked up a box. Very glad I did!

Lots of options, good and varied poses, plus the cool new Pathfinder-only Drones.
I did modify the Recon Drone. I didn't care for the huge, bulky body, so I chopped it up a bit. 
Much happier with my more low profile version. 
With the new streamlined Marker light rules, I'm very interested to see how they preform on the table.

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