Saturday, February 29, 2020

There is a New Cult in Town

Blackstone Fortress painting continues! Now it's time to work on the New Chaos Enthusiasts from Escalation in all their '80s apocalypse fashion glory!

You get a Firebrand in his splendid (if slightly cumbersome) Crazy Cult Leader outfit, and a squad of seven Cultists, all with cool masks and T-shirt armor.

The Cult Squad Leader is a great figure. She is armed with a autopistol/SMG and chainsword, big horns, and flowing hair.

Then there is a female cultist with a Heavy stubber and her ammo buddy, plus a autogun armed dude in a cool firing pose.

A bulky guy with a grenade launcher, a female tossing a grenade, and a guy reloading his autogun finish off the squad.

Of course there are rules for using them in 40K and Kill Team, making them very useful indeed!

I enjoyed painting them a great deal, there is nice detail that is easy to pick out. The sculpts have fantastic cohesion as a group. Can't wait to meet them in the darkened hallways of the Fortress.

Next Up: The New Heroes

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Blackstone Traitors

As we near the end of the Hidden Vault in Blackstone Fortress, it's time to think about what comes next. My Ambull is all set to go, but I had two other expansions just sitting on the shelf. I did some quick building and then it was painting time.

First up, is Traitor Command. A small expansion that includes just two miniatures. But what nice minis they are. A fallen commissar, and his huge and now chaos-y Ogryn buddy.

As is the standard with board game miniatures they are mono-pose, although the Ogryn does come with an alternate head. Both have nice detail, and assembled with total ease.

The expansion also comes with The Heart of Corruption quest, and all the necessary cards and tokens for it.

With the madness of the holidays behind us, it's time to get some more game time in.

Next: Blackstone Fortress Escalation

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