Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pict Captures

Pete's "Space Marine" Predator.

The cure for all heretics.

Mrs. Blackheart's "Tempest" class super heavy grav tank.

This urban grey cammo works great! The Orks don't suspect a thing.
And then it went all pear-shaped for the Guard.

The Emperor Protects
When he is paying attention

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stompa Attack

Ork Walkers on the north ridge.
Some days you just need a straight up slug-fest. Fast moving, lots of carnage, no fiddling with unit cohesion, just big guns and big targets. So we had a 2500 point Apocalypse game. I brought a Ork Stompa mob, with air support. Mrs. Blackheart took lots of Guard tanks with a little tac air of her own.
You may fire when ready.
With four super-heavies on the table it would be a fine chance to try out the new damage rules from the Forge World website. In a nutshell; no more super-heavy damage tables,just roll on the normal table. Each structure point is equal to 3 hull points and a "6" on the damage table takes one structure point (3 hull points). A simple and clean system. We used the small green skulls for hull points, and a red die to mark SP. It worked very well.
Bandits inbound!
We were playing for victory points based on the cost of the unit. Full points if killed, half points if damaged. I had a good turn one smoking a pair of Leman Russ MBTs. Gillian's shooting was not quite on target and did a few points of damage. Next turn brought both my fighters on the table and another dead tank and a lot of damage to the Shadowsword. This was looking good for the Mob, one more turn and I would be in tank-tossing range.

It was not to be. The Hydra, which had waited fourteen years to shoot something down, blew a fighta-bomber out of the sky. The wreckage landed squarely on a Deffdread, causing it to explode, of course.
Concentrated firepower, with the coupe de grace delivered by the damaged Shadowsword took out the Stompa Gunhed. On my turn I charged foward and into the Guard's front line.

Zog the battlecannons! Full steam a...
Two more tanks went down to close combat attacks. Then the guard really started to shoot well. Boss Mauler exploded in fine style, the Hydra continued it's rampage and shot down my other fighta. The Valkyrie arrived and promptly smoked the Mega-dread. The tank ace in the Vanquisher took out the deffdread Tuska, leaving only Big Hugga, a deffdread with four close combat weapons and no guns.
Right before the Hydra did it's job. Again.

It's good to have friends in high places. With lots of las cannons.

Big Hugga killed one last tank before the Valkyrie ventilated him.
I dare you to go into hover mode!
With that, on the bottom of turn five, I was all out of Orks. A really fun fast game. I think the Orks could use a bit of a points boost in such a scenario, due to the lack of long range weapons.
Thanks to Mrs. Blackheart for great game. Now I want to try this against another armor heavy force, or even a "Godzilla" style Tyranid army.

The Emperor Protects
He gave us Shadowswords didn't he?