Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Sub-Assemblies For Sanity


I received a fancy new style Monolith for my Birthday, and I set out to get it on the field in short order. 
But dire warnings came from across the void, "Paint it before assembly! Or you will be forever Cursed!"
Good advice. Thanks formless void wraiths! With this in mind, I spent a bit of time planning the build and painting of this beast before I cut anything off the frames. 

The Monolith breaks down into a few easy to manage sub-sections. After building those, I sprayed them three different colors for the base coats. Painting up the details wasn't difficult, but did take some time, it's kinda big. 

I further assembled the Core section, reducing the number of sub-assemblies left for final assembly. 
After a few test fittings to ensure painting sight lines, it all went together smoothly.

Not a bad looking bit of kit. Now it can dispense Necron justice across the galaxy, and keep these younger races off the lawn.

Assemble By Logic
Game by Chance

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