Thursday, February 28, 2019

Blackstone Fortress Explorers

Let's get to the mighty heroes(?) of Blackstone Fortress! Starting with the man who puts Rogue in Rogue Trader, Janus Draik the Stylish.
Always hungry for knowledge and tasty raw flesh it's Dahyak Grekh the Kroot Warrior.
With a warp-blasting third eye and a thing for fancy headgear, please welcome Guild Navigator Espern Locarno!
They go together like fire and jelly, Holy Space Cleric Taddeus and everyone's favorite firebug and chainsaw murderer, Pious Vorne.
Deadly, enigmatic, and alluring, Eldar Ranger Amallyn Shadowguide has it all.

Twin little tea pots of death and larceny, Rein & Raus the ratling brothers.

Voted mostly likely to kill all humans, it's UR-025. Just don't call him a toaster.

The nine character figures were a lot of fun to paint with lots of little details. I decided to paint the mins close to the way they are in the game. UR-025 being the notable exception. I just really disliked the pastel paint job he is shown with. I figured a more traditional Adeptus Mechanicus paint scheme would do a better job at reinforcing his cover story.

Next week, Blackstone gameplay.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Blackstone Fortress Villians

The painting for Blackstone Fortress is complete! I had a good time painting them, very nice sculpts with crisp detail. Today let's look at the Bad Guys.

With the starting lineup of adversaries, the Traitor Guardsmen are numerous and belligerent. Two squads of seven give a great variety of poses and weapons. The Flamer can be quite deadly as can the Grenadier. Best to cleanse them all with fire.

Spindle Drones are (probably) native to the Fortress and get madder the more of them you kill.
Best to let UR-025 have its way with them.

Negavolt Cultists are another new creation for the game, and they are unpleasant "people".
Best to purge them from a distance.

The Ur Ghuls infestation is a classic example of what happens when you bring pets along on a picnic and then leave them behind. Best to cull the pack with fire.

Chaos Beastmen (as opposed to the "good" kind) are very smelly and dangerous.
Best to target and eliminate first.

Rogue Psykers can negatively affect your team from anywhere on the map.
Best to eradicate these floating abominations as fast as possible.

And most foul and dangerous of all, Chaos Lord Obsidius Mallex and his two Chaos Marines. Best to concentrate fire early and often.

Tomorrow a quick look at the Explorers!

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