Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Oh sure, Matt looks sane

Matt's Creation

Inside he is an evil madman. He just had to go through the Tyranid codex and find The Doom of Malan'tai.
Then he made one and made us very sad with the life essence-ripping and the Cataclysm, and the stupid, stupid 3+ invulnerable save.

Many hapless Guardsmen, Eldar, Orks, and Marines dropped dead before this terror. So I did the only reasonable thing: I made one for my 'Nid army as well. And it was good.

I like the Doom. It is fun, and just a bit overpowered, and can be killed by a well place Krak missile. It scares people and they focus lots of firepower upon it, letting the other Tyranid critters to do as they like.

We have a new house rule for the Doom:

Bursting the Bubble: If the Doom suffers Instant Death by any means it explodes in a STR 4, S" radius explosion. S being equal to the Doom's strength before it suffered Instant Death. All non-vehicles in the blast radius are affected, friend or foe.

My version

We have used this rule twice now and it is entertaining, so it will be staying with us.

Now Matt is eyeing the Tyrannofex...

Campaign Update
The PDF made a heroic stand at the gates of the spaceport stopping the headlong Tyranid advance dead in its tracks.
The lead elements of the Armageddon 23rd Steel Legion followed with a armored breakout deep into the Tyranid lines.

Last Sunday saw four games played as the Space Wolves joined the fight. The Steel Legion fought two games against Matt and Gillian's 'Nids using an update to a old classic scenario, Tyranid Assault. The 'Nids have six turns to kill every defending model on the table. Starting on turn two any troops that have been killed may re-enter as soon as they have a minimum or more squad size. All other killed units are placed into reserve.

Mrs. Blackheart's Tyranids Advance

Redeemer. Accept no substitution.

The Steel Legion hung on to win both games, one of them by two Guardsmen and a Sentinel. Wolf Lord Jeff split his games with the Hive Mind. That makes the current score Imperium 5, Tyranids 5. Can the Imperial forces continue to rally? Will the Hive Mind regain the initiative? Only the dice know.

Monday, August 15, 2011

This Ain't the Summer of Love

Tyranid splinter swarm Dagon has made planetfall on the agricultural planet of Zircon. Elements of the Armageddon 23rd Steel Legion are two days away and making best possible speed. Space Wolf and Dark Angel Strike Forces have responded and are en route. Xenos Inquisitor Lord Augustus and his company are also on the way. The Zircon P.D.F. have contested the landings but have taken heavy losses.


The (late) Summer campaign has kicked off. Tyranids vs the Imperium. It is scenario based wrapping up with a Apocalypse game at the end of September. Three rounds have been played with crushing losses for the defenders of Zircon III. The first games where Planetstrike, two games of the Battle mission First Contact, and for round three the mission is Ambush.

The Ambush mission went very badly for the P.D.F. We will tweek the starting distance, of have the defender go first. The hapless Guard were wiped out in two turns.
The plan is to have as many games as possible and total up the wins and losses to see which side gets the planet.

The current score is: Tyranids 4, Imperium 0.