Monday, November 30, 2020

Necrons Return


Undead Space Robots from the Past, gotta love them. A race that has just improved over the years as more background has been developed. I had a Necron army long, long ago, (3rd edition) I loved the look, I  just didn't like the way they played on the table. So they got sold off. Now it is time to give them a shot once again. 

I stated with the contents of the Indomitus box, nice figures, I found the Warriors a bit tricky to assemble, so thin and wispy. Everybody else was fast and easy to put together. The Royal Warden is my favorite addition to the army, a great looking mini and fills the lieutenant spot in the roster. 
The new Destroyers are fun. Big and crazy choppy. I will pick up some more to make a little sub-force of really homicidal robots.

Even more new guys. I look forward to seeing them on the field, I am curious how they will perform.

I have a ton of Necrons on my bench, I should be able to crank them out fairly quickly and get a 50PL force on the table to start getting a feel for them. 

Cast off the shackles of your slumber! 
The galaxy shall be ours once again!
Just wait until we put on some fresh paint.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Yet More Space Wolves


Hey look! Space Wolves. Yes, I finally got around to painting up some of the figs from the Indomitus box. I did wait on the new Codex before I built them, just to see what upgrades I could give, and kitbash as needed. Turns out, not much.

I really wanted Primaris Wolf Guard, and I kinda, mostly, got them in the form of the Veteran Intercessors. Only the Pack Leader gets a melee weapon choice, but the updated chainswords are not bad now. Plus they get 5 attacks each on the charge, so they should be fun, and my Wolf Lord has some like-minded people to charge with. 

Fresh from Mega-City Neo-Tokyo One is my unit of Outriders. I'm not a huge fan of Space Marine bikers, but these guys are kinda cool. I may get an Invader ATV to hang out with them.

Nouveau Terminators with long range meltaguns? Yes please! These guys are great. Looks, toughness, and firepower. I will pick up the new box set just so I can toss in the dude with a Multi-melta for extra melty fun.

Now I need to pick up an Invader, Techmarine, and maybe an Impulsor. Still thinking about how to create a Wolf Priest.

Next: Not Space Wolves. Probably. 

Across the Sea of Stars, To Victory! 
 The More the Mayhem