Thursday, December 31, 2020

End of Year


Well it's been a very trying year to say the least. Staying on the positive hobby side, I did get a fair amount of stuff painted. All the Blackstone minis, Deathwing (finally), two new armies, and filled in the gaps of a few other armies. There was a lot more I wanted to get done, but some days the motivator was just broken.

But fear not! There is plenty of good stuff on my bench right meow. I will make more and varied posts in the new year. I have an idea for a on-going narrative campaign that I really want to happen...

I will be featuring a lot more non-40K games, like Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps, Battletech, and others. Enough rambling, have an excellent New Year's and a even better year!

Stay Safe, Stay Positive, and Welcome to the New Year.  

Friday, December 18, 2020

Necrons Vs Cult


Time to unleash the Necrons! Overpowered Robot Skeletons against the poor Genestealer Cultists? Seems unfair.

(Morgan Freeman voice) It was indeed a slaughter.

We played a Incursion Battle (50PL per side) and used the Open War deck to generate the mission. Nice and straightforward: Kill. Side witht he most PL in kills wins. I like it!
The map was lengthwise, with Army "B" setting up in the middle and Army "A" on either side, we rolled to see who was Army "B", it was me. I didn't like it. 

After Deployment
It's awful lonely on the tabletop when the other side only deploys Ambush markers...

At the start of my first turn.
Mrs. Blackheart got to go first, and wow. Two mining lasers took out my Hexmark Destroyer before it got to blink one of its many eyes. I took some serious losses during the shooting phase, but worse was to come in the assault phase. Genestealers may have some shortcomings, but speed is not one of them. In a flurry of Rending Claws half my Destroyers and a full squad of Warriors went down hard. 

Two squads of jerks with power tools popped out of the sewers and made their charge rolls. Today was just not going my way.

Still all was not lost. On my turn I put the hurt of a couple of squads of cultists, and got the Destroyer Lord into hand to hand. The speed and firepower of the Tomb Blades is quite useful. Pity they got blasted by Smite and Krak Grenades the next turn. 

One turn three it was over, and the last Necron had phased out to that deluxe Monolith in the sky.
Even though it was a horrible (and unexpected) slaughter it was a lot of fun. The Cult are fragile to be sure, but they are numerous and tricksy. A rematch is in order!

Join the Cult, Hear the Voice!
Spend a Lot of Time in Sewers