Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ghostwolf's Company (II)


More show and tell from my COVID summer. Wolf Dudes with guns! I made four five-man squads of Intercessors, three with bolt rifles, and one with Stalker rifles. I used the full gamut of close combat weapons for the Sergeants. 

But why stop there? A full squad of Hellblasters must be fun!

A squad of Firebats...I mean, Aggressors for a fiery good time.

Guys who like to shoot things from a safe distance. I do like how the camo cloaks came out.

And of course the quite useful and fun Inceptors. I may need another squad of these guys.

I aim to add some of the troops from the Indomitus box set, and may kitbash me a Wolf Priest.

Next: Space Wolves Armor.

We Are The Wolves That Stalk The Stars
New and Improved!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Ghostwolf's Company (I)


My oft delayed Primaris Space Wolves army has finally been finished. It was a truly enjoyable project. 

Of course no 40K army is ever really finished, I already have two new units to add to it, and I'm sure more will follow. Let's take a quick look at the HQ units.

First is my converted Wolf Lord, Erikson Ghostwolf. He counts as a Primaris Wolf Lord with Powerfist and Plasma Pistol, 'cause that is a very big Chainsword, more like an Eviscerator, so it should have stats like one.

He was converted from a Primaris LT, and a bunch of Space Wolf bits. The Plasma Pistol is from the Hellblaster Sgt. I'm very happy with how he turned out.

The Rune Priest is pretty much a stock figure, with just a tiny bit of Space Wolf bling added. A good mini, hard to improve on it without overdoing it.

The Wolf Guard Battle Leader is a straight off the sprue build. I did play around with some changes, but in the end just kept him as-is.

The Young King himself, Ragnar Blackmane. Nice to have a new figure after a mere 30-ish years...
The funny thing is I was working on kitbashing a "new" Ragnar figure based on Krom Dragongaze. Good thing I didn't get to the cutting and gluing part of the endeavour. 

Next: More Wolves

For Russ and The Emperor!
And Maybe some Fine Mjød