Friday, April 30, 2021



"He's right behind me, isn't he?"
Sometimes I start to take some pictures during a battle, but then don't take enough, or many shots are unusably bad, and there isn't enough to do a full post. Every once in a while I will post these orphaned pict captures for your enjoyment.
I win. I touched the crash site first.

Never trust the Ork Parking Valets.

The newly promoted Boss Grot did as well as the previous one.

Go Roll Some Dice
And Get Some Pics While You Are At It.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Happy Aliens Day

Happy 4/26 everyone! To celebrate let me show you the final models from GF9's ALIENS: Another Glorious Day in The Corps game. 

Get Away From Her You B***h expansion comes with 5 models and a ton of game components. I will cover the game parts in another post. 

The Queen is a really nice fig with good detail and is easy to assemble and paint. Ripley in the Power Loader, looks great, but was a bit tricky to assemble. You must paint the parts before final assembly or it will be nigh impossible to finish well.

The other three miniatures are: Everyone's favorite non-homicidal android, Bishop! In two versions no less. Well, one version is less, about half-off! (cue drum snare and booing) The third mini is two figs in one, super pissed Ripley holding Newt and combi-weapon in movie poster pose. It really is a cool figure, can't wait to see how badass she is in game.

Go Roll Some Dice

Everyone Can Hear You Scream at the Table

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Post Addendums

If only for completeness sake, here are the missing bits from two recent posts. Editing is important kids!

I had also built five more Wolf Guard out of the excellent Assault Intercessors box set. Good poses all around and many weapon choices for the Sergeant. I have been running my Intercessors in five man squads (instead of ten) and having good results that way. 

From the sub-assemblies and Space Wolf posts, just a bit more on the Invader ATV. I found it very useful to spray the main parts Wolf Grey (Army Painter) and the tires and weapons black. This sped up the painting process tremendously. I did similar with the Gladiator. I spray painted the hull and turret Wolf Grey, and the guns and grav-plates black. 

Go Rattle Them Cans
Just Make Sure it's Not Too Cold