Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Old Bloodthrister

Kylar The Destructor, my Khornate Daemon Prince of course started out life as a imposing Bloodthrister in 2nd & 3rd Edition. Then the really huge and imposing Bloodthrister came out and this figure went to the sidelines for a short time. I had intended to make a Daemon Prince for my World Eaters but there was only that really lame, small metal miniature. As I was painting the new Bloodthister the obvious idea occurred to me; make the old greater daemon into a daemon prince. I swapped out the whip for a  homemade halberd/war-fork thingie, put him on a round 40mm base, add a new paint job and Kylar was (re)created. I don't have any pics of the "before" but I am still happy with the "after". I have been tempted to make a new version of Kylar out of the current plastic daemon prince kit, but for now, I'm sticking with the heavy lead version.

Blood for the Blood God!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Korgor The Bloodmad

Crushed skulls count as well.

Korgor the Bloodmad…………………………165 points

Korgor the Bloodmad is a Khornate daemon bound in the hull of an Ironclad Dreadnought captured by the World Eaters warband known as Kylar’s Chosen.
            WS  BS    S       F     S     R      I      A    HP
Korgor   5    3    6/10   13   12    10    4      3     3          

Unit Composition:
· 1 (Unique)

Unit Type:
· Vehicle (Walker)

· Powerfist with built in heavy flamer
· Powerfist with built in melta gun

Special Rules:
· Daemonic Possession
· Rage
· Blood Madness

Blood Madness: After the first kill Korgor makes, either by shooting or hand to hand, Korgor gains the Preferred Enemy special rule for the rest of the game. During the move phase he must always move towards an enemy unit. He must always attempt to charge an enemy unit if there is one in range.

Elite: Korgor is an Elites choice for a Chaos Space Marine army that includes at least one HQ selection that has a mark of Khorne.

Welcome to the new section cleverly called, New Units. Here I hope to give you nice people a place to display your creations. The 40K universe is really quite big and there are many undocumented heroes, villains  creatures, and vehicles. The old Vehicle Design Rules were never perfect, but I liked them a lot. For many years rumors circulated of a Character Design Rules set to appear in the White Dwarf. That of course never came to pass, but it was a great idea for non-competitive gaming. Put just a little bit of the Role Playing element back into a game that kinda started out as a R.P.G.

So here we are. I have several creations I will be posting in the coming months, but I really want to see yours. Send me the new unit's stats and history with a picture and I will post it. Big or small, from a new super heavy tank to a special veteran sergeant upgrade. Having more units can only increase our enjoyment on the battlefield.

The Emperor Protects
But an escape plan never hurt