Thursday, July 28, 2022

Guns In The Sky


Heavy Railguns are great, but do you what makes them better? Put them on fast movers! Nobody does Close Air Support in 40K like the Tau. 

Really more of a modeling project than anything that will regularly see the tabletop, the Tau aircraft have been a vey enjoyable build. 

The Tigershark AX-10 wears my Tau 3-color grey splinter pattern very well. The Forgeworld (V.2) Tigershark is an amazing kit. The resin is more plastic-like, super smooth, and without any bubbles, deformities, or other issues that plagued older kits. I did have to use the hot water treatment to take a slight bend out the long railguns, but that's to be expected, and super easy, barely an inconvenience. 

Ohhh Barracuda! For when you need slightly less railgun, and a little more dogfight. 
I really enjoy the manta ray aesthetic both aircraft embody. Flat, with upturned wingtips and utterly deadly looking.

I'm going make an effort to get both on the table very soon, just to see how they do. I've often said that I feel most games of 40K are far too small in scale to have use of tactical aircraft actually on the table, but, the Rule of Cool and all that. They will look great screaming over the heads of their foes.

For The Greater Good

Death Comes From Above

Monday, July 25, 2022

Fitting In


New guy on the left.
I just finished up a group of models. A Heavy Intercessor Squad, and two Impulsors for my Space Wolves.  The Saboteur for my Genestealer Cult, and one big Avatar for the Space Aleves.

The fun part was getting the new figs to match the older ones. Fortunately, I actually wrote down the paints I used, and was able to find that notebook. The Citadel paint line has been fairly stable over the last few years so I only had to deal with minor variations with the paint lots. Unlike my poor Tyranids, who have had many model additions over the past three(!) decades. Their colors vary wildly as various paints were changed or dropped altogether.   

New girl in the middle.

The Saboteur has similar success. She fits right in with her Cult brethren. The only quibble is the textured paint on her base. I ran out of  it, so I will finish it after I restock. 

Old guy in the center.
The Impulsors were the easiest. I just had to match them to the rest of my grav-armor, toss on a few decals, and presto!  

later this year I will update/add to my Dark Angels and Tyranid armies again. I'm going to have serious color-matching issues with them I'm sure.

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Keep Good Notes!

Friday, July 8, 2022

Tau Big 'uns


I know this has turned into the Tau channel lately, but It's a big project and I'm almost done. 

So now some big Tau Suits!

I love me some Broadsides. The new-er plastic kit is quite nice, bulky with lots of weapons, what's not to love? The new paint went on well over the old colors. A fair improvement over the first generation release.
From 2004

El Cataclysmo also made it to the repainting party, and looks quite nice in the new grey splinter scheme.

New for 2022! Ghostkeel and Stormsurge. A Stealth killer, and his large buddy with all the missiles, and a big gun just for fun.

Next up: Something (probably) not Tau related!

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Larger is Actually Easier

Friday, July 1, 2022

Tau HQ


I'm a bit top heavy with HQ choices for my Tau, but that is okay.  Commanders in Crisis and Enforcer Suits and Hammerhead Leader Long Strike all got the repaint treatment. I decided that I really wanted a Commander in ColdStar Armor. It has much better stats from last Codex, and damn, it has serious anime vibes with all the flying fins.

Still there was more! Three new plastics: Cadre Fireblade, Dark Strider, and an Ethereal on a hover Roomba. Whew. Now I think I'm covered for whatever kind of force I want to deploy.


Go Sling Some Paint

I'm Pretty Sure the Ethereal in Named Lumbergh