Friday, August 25, 2023

Troubles Upon the Noospheres


A rousing battle between the Orks and my newly painted AdMech. It was initially part of an experiment, to compare 9th edition 40K to One Page Rules Grimdark Future using the (mostly) same lists.

Well, due to me being locked out of my blog for five weeks, and the bad timing of 10th edition coming out...we will try this again soon. 

Oh, and of course, Amazon has dropped me as an associate, which is fine, because their new model is really poor for low traffic people like me.

Yes, for five frakking weeks I could not access my blog. Many nearly helpful emails back and forth, until two days ago I was able to rest the password, and all was fine. No explanation offered. I wonder how hard it is to migrate over to my own website?
Expect slightly more content to come!

The Emperor Protects
But Has a Wicked Sense of Humor

Friday, June 30, 2023

Scale Creep: Leviathan Edition


They grow up so fast! The Space Marines have slowly been getting bigger over the past three decades. That's fine. An old metal Mk.7 is absolutely tiny compared to a new Guardsmen let alone a Primaris marine. Many (including me) have voiced the opinion that the Terminators were far too small. 

That has finally been addressed. The newest Tactical Dreadnought Armor suits are of goodly size and fine detail. Of course, now all my old, and really old Termies look a bit "Aren't you a little short for the Emperor's elite?" My first gen metal Termies got sent to be Space Hulk figures full time after the plastic ones came out. Now that I have 36 Deathwing Terminators? Hope that a newer and far more awesome Deathwing set never comes out? I'll just wait and see for a bit.

Shooty McRedemptor.  Really the same size, just legs straightened out and posed on a Tactical Rock. I'm certain this will be sold separately, just not sure it will get a new version with a few more options.

The older Carnifex does really bad posture. The Norn Queen is always telling it to stand up straight.
The new Screamer-Killer has listened to her. A little bulkier overall, the standing tall dramatic pose gives it the intimidation factor it deserves. Going to a 90mm base helps as well. I would love an Old One Eye re-done with this kind of extreme posing.

And finally we have the simplest, but very effective re-do. A little taller, more gangly, and more detail.
I hope the Hormagaunt and Genestealer get similar makeovers.  

Change Never Stops

Nor Should You

New Pile of Grey


I wasn't kidding when I said the new Leviathan box set has a mountain of plastic in it. 72 brand new sculpts. All push fit. 

All have great detail, (mostly) easy to assemble, and a great value if you want all of them in your army.
The only figures I'm not fan of is the Neruogunts, they are an odd unit. Maybe with some play I'll figure out if they are useful. 

I would have also would have like to have 10 Sternguard instead of 5, but I'm sure a full box set will be coming out soon-ish. 

Which brings up a great point Some, if not most of these models will get a "proper" release with more options in the near future, so maybe you didn't "need" the giant box set? I mean, I did, but everyone is different. Now to figure out what chapter the Marines will be painted as.

Go Make Something
And The Pile Grows Bigger. For Now.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thunder Road: Vendetta


Thunder Road: Vendetta is Restoration's games re-do and expansion of Milton Bradley's 1986 Mad Max inspired board game, Thunder Road. It was one of those game I had wanted, but didn't get. 

What's not to love? Quick playing, rules light, post-apocalypse car mayhem. Now many (many) years later this new and improved version is here!

If you passed on the Kickstarter Maximum Chrome version the expansions are being released separately. This will be helpful as you will be able to pick and choose what you want.

That being said...the Maximum Chrome box is one of the best Kickerster boxes ever!

Many Kickstarter games are very good, but the vast majority of them pile on cool stretch goals, which is great...but no thought was given how to store them. I have a number of games that have a plastic bin or box full of the expansion/cool bits that have to somehow stay close to the boxed game and still fit on the shelf. First world gamer problems, I know, but still annoying. 

Restorations Games (second try at the) Kickstarter campaign was well thought out and the finished version is a masterpiece of game storage design. The base game and all the expansions/upgrades fit into its own custom space in a vacuum formed tray. 

The game itself is a lot of fun. Straightforward rules, lots of action, with a quick play time. We have played the base game a few times, now we shall start adding some of the expansions. Higly recommended. 

Go Roll Some Dice
Shiny And Chrome