Friday, January 31, 2014

Codex:Tyranids Rant Part 2, The Good

So I have had three games with the new Codex and all is not doom (except for the lack of the Doom) and gloom. I understand Win At All Cost players and those who play them really hate the new book, but here at the Warlords Fortress, that is not our way. Some new options, units, and a new kits make this version of our beloved 'Nids just fine. 

The book itself is well done, good fluff pieces, and some nice new artwork. Most of the Warlord traits are useful and I really like the addition of the bio-artifacts to the wargear. The big winner is the point decrease on the heavies and 'gaunts. The Exocrine is the artillery unit we have been waiting for, and the Harspex is a fun monstrous creature addition to the Elites slot. 

I think all the new kits are great. The Harpy is a solid flying nightmare and it easy to swap out the two main guns. The Exocrine/Harspex kit looks good and seems like it was designed for the magnetically inclined... 
Wether it is positive fallout from the Chapterhouse lawsuits or not, it is wonderful to see all the unit's options included in the kits now. I have loved Tyranid Warriors armed with bone swords since the Advanced Space Crusade days, and it is so good to have them back along with enough rending claws for the whole unit. The option parts build up a nice looking Tyranid Prime as well.
I waited too long and missed the Hive Guard in metal, and just could not bring myself to get them in Finecast, but now they are slightly cheaper and bigger in much easier to build plastic.

The Tyranids are still fun to play, and fun to play against. It's that iconic science-fiction imagery of the vast horde of bug-like creatures versus a smaller but well armed force that resonates with us. They fit their role in the 40K universe as invading monsters that cannot be reasoned with quite well, and I look forward to playing many games with them this year.

And speaking of the magnetically inclined, Monday will be a new guest article by Matt, on how to go crazy with a Carnifex or three.

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