Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Codex:Tyranids Rant Part 1, The Bad & Ugly

The 'Nids have dropped in for a bite and here is my first take on the new codex. Well this is actually my second try. The first draft was really a hate filled nerd rant. Now I'll just sit back and let the rum work it's magic. So I'm now longer angry, just disappointed.

I wanted the new Tyranid Codex to be great in they way the new Tau and Eldar books are great. I wanted to frantically flip through the codex and giggle at all the cool little changes that make the 'Nids better. I really wanted to find Genestealers had something to help them in this new era of shooting supremacy. I needed the Warriors to be the backbone of the army again, and the Lictors return to mythical boogyman status. Nobody got better. Nothing got fixed.

 People don't like to lose things. trade, sure. Lose, never. The Tyranids have been on the loosing side since 6th edition was released. No charge after fleet. No charge after outflank. Overwatch. And now no Doom of Malan'tai, Ymgrail Genestealers, Mycetic Spores, or Parasite of Mortrx. Of which I have models for all of them. Grrr.

Then there is the just confusing. Why mess with scything talons? Drop the Hive Guards BS a point? Make Lictors hang out in a squad? Increase the cost of bone swords? Give the flyers template or blast weapons they can't use on other flyers? For a race that constantly adapts why no anti-aircraft biomorphs? Sigh.

It just feels lazy and/or changing for the sake of changes. A number of small easy fixes could have transformed this to a big win for the Hive Mind. I didn't want any super-overpowered units, I just wanted some help in getting across the the kill zone.

Even though it sounds like it, I don't hate the new codex. I'm not going to melt down my 6,000 points of 'Nids. I am disappointed with it, with what it could, nay, should have been.

Next up, the Good bits of Codex:Tyranids.

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