Friday, November 14, 2014

Regular Brass Scorpion

When Apocalypse first came out in 2007 we were all excited to see that one of the new units was a 40K version of the old Epic Brass Scorpion.
I happened to have a unbuilt Defiler laying about. I picked up some extra bits, and like legions of others, went to work. I was pleased with my creation and it had many good games. Then Forge World released this monster:
About the size of a Baneblade, it was now the Greater Brass Scorpion and had new rules to reflect its much greater stature. It was almost twice as many points as before and far deadlier. My Defiler knock-off was puny in comparison, so what to do? 

For a while I just used my (Lesser) Brass Scorpion as a regular Defiler, but it always left me a bit unsatisfied. So after much deliberation I chose to make my own stats for the Regular Brass Scorpion. 

Taking the Defiler as a starting point, not that many changes were needed. No longer a Super Heavy, it did not need so many secondary weapons. Swapping out the Battle cannon for a Demolisher cannon was the first step. Ditching the Hellmaw flamers was sad, but necessary if it was to be a reasonable amount of points. Boosted its base attacks, the front armor value, and gave it Rage.  

The hardest part was the big gun the tail. On the Greater Scorpion it is an impressive STR 6, AP3, 10 shot weapon of death. A bit overpowered for a secondary weapon on a non-super heavy. I decided to go with a enhanced Reaper for the Regular Scorpion.

I am pleased with the results. Similar to a Defiler, it now feels more like an Khornate assault weapon rather than a artillery piece. 
As always, I welcome your feedback. 

Brass Scorpion…………………………220 points
                         WS  BS      S       F     S     R      I      A    HP
Brass Scorpion     3    3    6/10    13   12    10     3      4     4          

Unit Composition:
 1 Regular Brass Scorpion

Unit Type:
• Vehicle (Walker)

 Demolisher Cannon 
• Blood Reaper Autocannon
 2x Powerfist 
 Demonic Possession 

Special Rules:
• Fleet
 It Will Not Die

Heavy: The Brass Scorpion is a Heavy Support choice for a Chaos Space Marine army that includes at least one HQ selection that has a mark of Khorne.

Blood Reaper Autocannon: Same stats as a Reaper Autocannon, just now Heavy 3 

Blood for the Blood God!
And his Mechanical Daemons too


  1. Seems spot on, but maybe someone would riff about it having It Will Not Die.
    Sure is a cool crazy custom model though.

  2. Thanks! Luckily no one in my group has had a problem with the stats. It may help that it seems like I have never made a It Will Not Die roll...