Friday, November 7, 2014

Painting in Bunches

When you decide to paint a unit, how do you proceed? One model at a time? Or the assembly line method? I normally try and paint an entire squad at the same time, but I usually paint one figure to completion more or less, and then use it as the example. Then I go full assembly line on the rest of the squad and any similar squads.

I also keep a notebook of what colors were used. This allows me to pick the squad or formation back up if I put them down, or decide to expand it, as was the case with my flight of Valkyries.
I painted the lead ship many months before I got around to doing the other two, but looking at the finished trio you couldn't tell.
My Knight formation was slow going, but I am happy with the way they are turning out. Next is that step that can make or break the whole thing: the dreaded decals. The Knights have so many large ones that gloss-coat is a must. As we all know, sometimes gloss-coat is a bit tricky and can go very badly to give your model that frosty look you did not want. Wish me luck.

 The Emperor Protects
He could look after my brush-tips a little more

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  1. I tend to paint infantry as a group (entire unit at once). I'll then go back and work a bit further on the character of the unit (like a sword brother or nob), to make sure he has a higher level of quality.

    I found one of the nice things about blogging, is you end up keeping a record of the paints you used :).