Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mean Green Kumpin' Machines

Dread Mob. Such a fun army to use, and truly overwhelms your opponents. In this new, wide open world of 7th edition, this has (so far) been my favorite Unbound list to use: 

Cog Gutz's Dread Mob 
1999 points, Unbound
Big Mek                 
5x Burna Boyz                       
12x Tankbustas                      
Boyz x30                                 
Boyz x25                                 
Boyz x25                                 
Deff Dread “Tuska”                                                          
  2x Rokkits
Deff Dread “Hugga”                                                        
  +2 Power Klaws                      
Deff Dread “Klanger”                                                       
  1 Big shoota
  1 Rokkit,                                                         
Deff Dread ‘Klampa”                                                        
  1 Big Shoota
  1 Skorcher    
3x Killa Kans                         
  2x Big Shoota
  1x Rokkit
Mega Dread “Buzz Gunz”    
  Grot Riggas                 
Gorkanaut “Da Krushinator”           
  Grot Riggas                                         

Matt made sure I kept up the fine tradition of having my newly painted model (The Gorkanaut in this case) blown off the table as soon as it arrives. Stupid Dreadnought with stupid Lascannons. The rest of the battle was all kumpin' all the time and ended in a Ork win.  
One of the great things about the Orks is that the older models fit right in alongside the new stuff. 
If I only still had this guy:

Next I will take this list against Mrs. Blackheart's Eldar. That will be interesting.
Krush 'em for Gork!
                 Mork is good too, if that is your thing.                                     


  1. Lovely painted models! I LOVE dread mobs so much! Been trying to work in the dread mob formation so they all can waaagh and gain ere we go. It's a bit tough though!

    Suggestions on your list.

    Take the ork horde detachment so you can have three HQ's. Adjust the boyz mobs (and maybe drop a PK off a dread) to fit two pain boyz in the mobz. 5+ FNP to an entire boyz mob is awesome!

    Put the Big Mek on a bike and hide him behind the gorkanaught. His KFF will cover multiple dreads, and he'll be out of los for shooting at.

    Drop some burna's, put in mek's instead. Put them in the gorkanaught. Use the mek's to repair hull points.

    Btw in case you are unaware, the dread mob formation is...

    2 mork/gorknaughts (i use my mega dread as a counts as one)
    3 squads of 3 killa kans
    3 deff dreads
    big mek

    All walkers gain ere we go (reroll one charge dice), and can waaagh. (run and assault during a waaagh). This is in addition to their hammer of wraths.

  2. Thanks! The Dreadmob really looks great on the table.

    I enjoy having the Big Mek and his five Burna buddies riding in the Gorkanaught.

    Good idea on using a Mega dread to satisfy the requirements of the formation. Now if I can only get the people I play to sign off on that...

    1. The formation isn't really overpowered...it actually makes me sad, because that's how ork walkers should be by default!

      They shouldn't give you any flak. The two models are practically the same size. (can always put the mega dread on a knight base if they cry about it)