Thursday, July 31, 2014

End of Month Musings

Well. July was a busy month. Let's start with GW's Sanctus Reach Campaign. I really like it! This is the kind of thing they need to do more often, a solid campaign supported by novels, some new figures, and new Codexes. The main book, The Red Waaagh! is a very well done supplement. Great new artwork, a good narrative of the battles and characters, and 11 missions. Plus a few formations and new rules for Planetstrike for good measure. 

I will be putting up mini-reviews of the novel and five short stories soon. Having so much source material adds a lot to the immersion of the campaign. We have decided to play though the entire thing, so I have to get going painting some Knights. 

The only strange miss-step of this whole event was the Stormclaw box set. It was a great value for the money, but what was it supposed to be? A starter set or a campaign expansion? It came with a full color mini-rulebook which is great, but no templates or dice, so not quite a starter set. The 32 background and mission book has three missions that only use the forces in the box, kinda like a starter set. The point is ultimately moot, because they badly underestimated demand and it sold out in 36 hours.  
The Space Wolves Sanctus Reach intervention will be covered in much greater detail with the next hardcover supplement, Hour of the Wolf.   

And now for something completely different:
I saw this in my inbox and had to share. Yes, the 1983 not-quite-classic is coming soon to Blu ray! I was in Junior High School and still in my AD&D phase, but branching out to Traveller and Gamma World, so this movie seemed like a perfect must see. And it mostly was. Very ambitious story, fantastic production values, just a bit heavy on the cheese. I can't wait to see what extras are on the blu ray.

Relive the days of feathered hair heroes versus evil space aliens. (Shameless plug goes here) Get Krull  here for a mere $9.98!

Next up: A huge Star Trek Attack Wing bash.

Go Roll Some Dice
And watch "Classic" Sci-Fi


  1. The worst part about the stormklaw seems that 90% of the purchases were from people who just wanted to dump the models on ebay.

    I'm all for bitz sellers, but its sad when you just want to get the cool squib on grukk's base, and everyone wants 30 bucks for the clamshell.

  2. My local gaming store had five in stock this afternoon. At least the hated eBay speculators don't seem to be doing very well, and that will cause the prices to drop soon. I may pick up some more Killa Kans when the prices bottom out.

    1. Agree, it does appear prices are starting to drop. They flooded the market place with them. Great time to pick up some nobz for your boyz squads!