Monday, August 15, 2011

This Ain't the Summer of Love

Tyranid splinter swarm Dagon has made planetfall on the agricultural planet of Zircon. Elements of the Armageddon 23rd Steel Legion are two days away and making best possible speed. Space Wolf and Dark Angel Strike Forces have responded and are en route. Xenos Inquisitor Lord Augustus and his company are also on the way. The Zircon P.D.F. have contested the landings but have taken heavy losses.


The (late) Summer campaign has kicked off. Tyranids vs the Imperium. It is scenario based wrapping up with a Apocalypse game at the end of September. Three rounds have been played with crushing losses for the defenders of Zircon III. The first games where Planetstrike, two games of the Battle mission First Contact, and for round three the mission is Ambush.

The Ambush mission went very badly for the P.D.F. We will tweek the starting distance, of have the defender go first. The hapless Guard were wiped out in two turns.
The plan is to have as many games as possible and total up the wins and losses to see which side gets the planet.

The current score is: Tyranids 4, Imperium 0.


  1. I need to move back to San Diego... :(

  2. Goddamn bugs whacked us, Johnny!

  3. Yessss, come baaackkkk. Baaack!

    Listen to the voices, well the ones telling you to mave back at least, not the set things on fire ones.