Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Special Ops Orks

Da Ladz are here! Well, the Kill Team Ladz, proppa Ladz in two weeks...

I built the Ork side of the new Kill Team set, and damn, they are very cool. I made every one of the specialists and two "normal" Kommando Boyz. Lots of good bitz left over to customize even further.

They are of the not-quite-interchangeable parts school of sculpting. Everybody has a good pose, but only a few variants within that pose. Some parts do fit on other poses just fine, some need encouraging. 

My only gripe with the build was the instructions got real vague for the last two Boyz, and a few parts seemed like they should go somewhere, but I couldn't find them listed anywhere in the instructions. Nothing showstopping, just a minor annoyance.

They should be  lot of fun on the table. I'll get to the Death Korps Veteran figs in the next few days.

Sneaky and Shooty and Stabby
Just as Gork Intended

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  1. Have to admit, I'm getting kind of frustrated with kits like this, where the "options" feel more and more limited. They look beautiful, but I'm becoming more and more aware that all my big shoota guys are going to be verrrrrry close to your big shoota guys (for example).