Friday, January 29, 2016

Tyranid Attack Mission

Way back in 2nd Edition 40K there was a tense mission called "Tyranid Attack". The 'Nids had six turns to kill everything on the table. All their dead units came back on as reinforcements. They usually won. Now it's time to redo this classic mission for 7th.

The Armies
Choose armies to an agreed point total.

The Battlefield
Set up terrain then roll for random deployment zones.

Roll to choose deployment zone, defenders set up first.

First Turn
The Tyranids are the attacker and get first turn.

Game Length
The mission uses variable game length.

Victory Conditions
The Tyranid player wins if there are no defending units on the field at the end of the game.
Units that are falling back or in reserve are at the end are not considered for victory conditions.

Mission Special Rules

At the start of the turn, the Tyranid player forms her destroyed units into squads. These squads may be deployed with a different size than they started with, but must still conform to minimum/maximum squad sizes. Then the Tyranid player rolls for each squad. On a 4+ that unit is placed anywhere in the Tyranid's deployment zone or into ongoing reserves if desired.
Then rolls for reserves (if any) are made as normal.

Next up, a Tyranid  Attack BatRep

The Hive Hungers
And is Coming For Lunch


  1. Interesting! Lots of pictures please!

  2. How does this work with formations that allow units to come back on a 4+ anyways? Like the Endless Swarm?

    1. Good question! I would give the formation a re-roll to come back.