Thursday, June 22, 2017

8th Out of the Box

Xenos Inquisitor Jonesy approves.
So, one week into the release of New 40K and what do I think? It is glorious. I'll be yapping about it for the next few posts. Today, let's have a quick look into the Dark Imperium Boxed Set. Peter was kind enough to bring his over while I await mine in the mail.

Nice big box with a big price point. You really do get get a great value for your gaming bucks:
Of course, if Nurgle or the fancy new Primaris Marines don't tweak your twinkie, then the box is not for you, just get the Rulebook...

The first surprise is the box is not a box! More of a box in a tray with a slipcover. And in that box are the minis. Lots (54) of brand new really detailed figures.

The purity seal was a nice touch. I'll assemble my figs this weekend.

In the lower tray are the Hardcover Rulebook (more about that next post) the Mini-Codices, decals, bases, assembly guide, some nice red dice, and a fold out of the core rules.
A cool thing about the two forces included in this box set si that they are two small armies ready to go. Thanks to Peter for running the numbers, They both come in at around 50 PL (Power Level) or 900-ish points, with the Marines having a bit more. I'm confident that the Primaris Marines and the Death Guard will be some of the first new releases; it will be easy to expand this basic force.

I'm pleased with the Dark Imperium set, and hope to get a game in this weekend.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

A Farewell to Templates

40K without templates? Madness and heresy! Well, maybe not...Templates have been a visual and fun part of miniature gaming for a very long time. The earliest reference I could find was a Napoleonic game from 1974 that used them for various sizes of cannon barrages.

Visually exciting and lots of fun to see how many hapless victims fell under the circle of death, but slow to use and the source of untold disagreements. 40k templates, like with all things over time, experienced constant expansion. Newer sizes and shapes, and oh so many colors! I had built up quite a collection over the years (the neron green ones were my favorite) yet it was somehow always tricky to find the right one, or a scatter die to see it landed.

My best guess is that the removal of bast templates from the game is a very good thing. It will speed up shooting by taking out all that guesswork and eyeballing of where the template landed and who is under it. We will have to wait another week before I can start trying out 8th Edition to see if my guess is correct. And I will have to find some way to repurpose my vast collection. A collage perhaps?

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