Friday, February 12, 2016

Overrun by Tyranids

Knights and Imperial Guard make a valiant last stand against the swarms of the Hive mind.
2500 point battle using the Tyranid Attack mission from last post. What a slugfest it was. It was one of those games that came down to the wire and could have easily gone either way.
I took my standard Baronial Court of four Knights, and rounded off my army with a large platoon of Steel Legion Guardsmen. The Tyranid players brought a whole lot of heavies including the Barbed Hierodule, eight Carnifex, and three Tygons, plus much more. I had my work cut out for me. Good thing I brought a lot of big guns.
Mrs. Blackheart focused on the Guardsmen until they were all Ripper chow. My Knight Paladin took a pounding from the Hierodule's mighty Bio-cannons and exploded. The Baron's Ion shield worked much better than it should have and saved him from certain death a few times.
The Tygons arrived en mass and got into it with the Errant and Crusader. I killed three of them in hand to hand, but ultimately was torn apart.

Fun Tip: Don't stand right next to something that might explode with a "D"...

The Baron was the last man standing for a while, but his shields could not hold out indefinitely and he was felled by the Hierodule at the end of tun five. So close!
I really like this mission, it has a cinematic quality to it. The endless stream of Tyranids, the relentless pressure to kill and survive just one more turn, it makes for a great gaming experience. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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