Friday, January 5, 2018

Round Two, Engage

The WInter League has wrapped up Round one, and now the battles get bigger. The Guard has done very well with the new paint job and stands at 3-0. Next up the Eldar are 2-1, Tyranids 1-2, and the Marines got shut out.

We decided to play the same mission for all Round Two battles, (as can be seen over there on the right >) The Power Level has risen to 75 and Flyers are now allowed. We are using the special flyer rules from the Skies of Death section of the Main Rulebook.

Mrs.Blackheart and I got our battle done yesterday, and it was a close one. If it wasn't for some truly amazingly good rolls from my Hydra, I probally would not have prevailed. It was a damn close match until turn three when the dice turned against the Eldar.

Will the Marines stage a comeback? How scary will the Hive Mind be? Can the Guard be stopped? Can anyone stand up to the Psychic mastery of the Eldar? Stay tuned!

Go Roll Them Bones
And Don't Forget Your Command Points 

Monday, January 1, 2018

This Year, I Really Mean it

Welcome to 2018! Nothing quite like the irrational feeling of starting a new year with a fresh slate, full of enthusiasm of what you will get done. It is a good thing! If we were not able to pick a random point in time and say, "No, from this point forward I will focus on X," a lot less would actually get done. Face it, humans are weird.

Speaking of getting things done, Great things are planned for the Warlords this year! (some may even be accomplished) I have made a list of armies to be re-done/finished for the next few months just so I can keep a bit of project focus and crank them out. I find this really helps on the days I am not super motivated to paint. (most days).

On the gaming side of things, the Winter League is going along fine, there will be a sitrep on Friday. The delayed Up From Under, Genestealer Cult Campaign will start after the League wraps up in Late February.

We have a bit of a backlog of board games to try out and report on as well as the New Necromunda. Last year was a low number of posts, I will do my best to increase that but a bit with more less formal posts, but I won't drop down to the level of talking about what I had for lunch.

I hope to make 2018 a great year so please come along for the ride.

The Emperor Has Given You Another Year
Use It Well

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Posing Putty

I'm happily working on my second Baneblade, an all-plastic one, and it is time for the crew. I decided to put crew in both hatches. The gunner on the .50 is a easy pick and standard setup, but what of the tank commander? So many options! How to decide?

Enter Mounting (or Poster) Putty! I had read long ago in a modeling magazine about the uses of low-tack putty for the posing or arms on miniatures. My local hardware store has the Loctite version on hand, and it works great. I had a little pose off to see what I liked the best.

Sadly I didn't have a Power Sword arm handy. So the next time you are in a quandary over posing choices just pull out the putty. It is very easy to work with, never dries out, and leaves no residue on the figure.

It's Not Play-Dough!
It's For My Serious Hobby.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Round One, Fight!

The Winter League is underway! Last weekend we had two exciting matches: Imperial Guard versus the Tyranids, and Raven Guard taking on the Eldar.

Matt was using his new Codex for the second time, which was a bit unfair to him, but the dice were really unfair to him.
The Exocrine got a huge amount of hits on my command Leman Russ, and exactly zero wounds. It got better, but having a first turn where you can't kill anything is a big handicap. The game went five rounds, but in the last turn it was 3 Tyranid Warriors versus a pair of Leman Russ, a Manticore, and a handful of troopers. A victory for the Guard.

50PL makes for a small Space Marine force. We don't have a huge sample base, but it seems very difficult for the Marines at low Power Levels. Jeff put in a good showing with the Raven Guard, but the Eldar Swordwind stole the initiative and rolled over the Marines for a win.
Good games overall, a little rough on the Marines, but I'm sure they will bounce back and find a good balance. Next round will feature some fun match-ups as we continue at 50PL.

Let The Games Begin!
Somebody Wake Up the Dice