Friday, November 30, 2018

Bad Photos

Sexy Assassin always wins against hideous monster. Dice permitting.
So I had every intent on doing some detailed Kill Team battle reports, but I have this problem. I get distracted playing the game and the pictures I take (if at all) are poor quality. Going back over the few photos I did remembered to take, I find that anywhere from 50% to 100% are blurry, over/underexposed, or just poorly framed.
Good dogo for the win!
I'm going to try something: Instead of in game as-it-happens-action-shots, I'm going to restage the more interesting bits after the game is over. I'll have to take notes of some kind, which may be the new point of failure. We'll see.

"So you decided to become a Mutant and overthrow the ship. This is going to look bad on your employee review, Bob."
Two of the walls in our game room are pretty much made out of windows, so daylight shooting is a huge glare fest with not enough front light.

Speaking of which, the lighting is all overhead, and the other two walls and ceiling are are kinda dark wood, so no bounce. Far from optimal shooting conditions.

I have taken a trail step to address this, an LED light array I can attach to a tripod, to try and get some front fill. This will hopefully sharpen up the images a bit. I'll give this new setup a try next week.
And so the badly planned revolution came to an end.
The Emperor Protects
He Always Has Sharp Focus

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Poxwalker Outbreak

It's time for a good old fashion Halloween zombie brawl. 90PL of Death Guard (with so, so many Poxwalkers) versus a rag-tag group of Imperial Guard and a squad of Blood Angel Devastators.

The odds were against Typhus' horde of undead from the beginning. The setup was not at all favorable to the slow moving zombies, with a 24" gap between forces. Still they came on.
There was a clash of the armored forces on my left flank, with the tankers of the Guard coming out on top.
The huge horde (100+) of Poxwalkers was an intimidating sight as they shambled across the field. The buffs they received from Typhus and the other characters made it all the more worrying.
Just a few of the annoyingly had to put down Poxwalkers can tie up a unit so the following waves of undead can surge forward.

Unfortunately we had to call the battle early, but it was a good game, and the sight of so many zombies is something to be experienced.

The Emperor Protects
But Send More Flamers

Friday, October 26, 2018

Tower of Madness

What happens when you mix KerPlunk with Yahtzee and wrap it in a Cthulhu theme? It's Tower of Madness! (Published by Smirk & Dagger Games, 2018).
Tower of Madness is a semi-cooperative game for 3-5 players. Each player takes the role of a 1920s-style Investigator in everyone's favorite doomed township, Arkham.

The players must stop the Big Bad from coming forth to lay waste to our world. This is accomplished by rolling dice and matching up the symbols and clearing each location. Each location may have some special rules to make things a bit harder, or give a bonus.
If a player cannot match the symbols, then they must pull a tentacle out of the tower, which may release some colored marbles. Not all the marbles are bad for you: Blue gives you extra points at the end of the game, White gives you a new spell card. Of course the Red Marble gives you madness. Four of those and you go irreversibly insane, which then makes you work against the sane. If all three green marbles get dropped, then the Old One has arrived and all it lost. The Insane players can win if that happens.

Setup of the game is a bit tricky the first time or two, but you quickly get a handle on setting up the Tower. (Hint: start from the bottom and work up)  The Tower is cleverly held together by the magic of magnets, but be careful once it is loaded with marbles.
Play is fast and a lot of fun. The Spell cards add a lot to the game, and give it the not a full co-op game. The sane players win if they go through the deck of locations without all three green marbles showing up, but the player with the most points is the overall winner.

A game can run up to about an hour, but could be much quicker. It's a light fun game that is a good addition to a Cthulhu game collection. Recommended.
The Doom has been summoned!
Go Roll Some Dice
And Pull Some Tentacles While You're At It

Friday, October 19, 2018

Objective: MacGuffin

It was time to make some new objective markers. I have a bunch of ones on the old flat, 60mm bases. They are the typical objectives: fuel drums, ammo crates and the like. For Kill Team, I wanted some new exciting ones on smaller 40mm bases. Enter The MacGuffins!

Here Lady Halifax secures the Containment Cylinder with Beacon, and The Forbidden Case.

  Acolyte Smith stands watch over the Comms Station, and Escape Pod.

Tech Priest Anders-XiL7 and Helper put the finishing touches on The Device, with items from the Useful Crate.

 Now I have some fun and colorful objectives to kill for!

Go Make Something
Plenty of Weird Bits to Choose From