Friday, March 17, 2017

Defenders of The Last Stand Quick Review

Defenders of The Last Stand by 8th Summit Games is a pure co-op board game for 1-5 players. Set in the post-apocalypse wasteland of the near future, players must defeat four Overlords and their marauding groups of raiders/mutants/bad guys and save the city of Last Stand.

The designer, Richard Launius of Arkham Horror fame, also did Defenders of the Realm. A high fantasy version with similar gameplay but with with orcs, demons, and dragons. Last Stand adds some new features which expand gameplay greatly. Both games have a sort of Pandemic gameplay mechanics feel to them. Which is a good thing.
Play is fast and fun, with many action options per turn. Go on a mission? Scavenge some lost items? Fight some the minions? Or if your group has gained enough items/cards, you can take on one of the four Overlords.

Three of the four Overlords make steady progress towards Last Stand. The mutant lord know as "Puke" flies around randomly, spawning new Abominations. All are dangerous and have to be stopped. Each time a Overlord is defeated the game ramps up the difficulty. Once all four are killed, Last Stand is safe and the players win. If any Overlord reaches your city you lose. If too many minions are on the the map, or in Last Stand, you lose. If too many raider bases get built, you lose.
Nobody said the apocalypse would be easy.
There are some fun artifacts to find and side missions to go on. There is an "Adventure" spot the moves around the map that can be sought after. Some areas are teaming with radiation, and if you hang out there you may wind up with a mutation. Most are good, a few are bad, but if you get more than five points of radiation, your character becomes an enemy Abomination. Fun stuff.
There are a few minor downsides to this game: The art is okay, the plastic figures are not great, and the rulebook could be clearer. However, after starting one game, we got the hang of it pretty quick.

On the plus sides, the theme is great, lots of things to do, and it plays quickly. I prefer this over Defenders of the Realm (which I like a lot). It feels like this game is kind of under the radar being from a small publisher, which is too bad, because it is a whole lot of fun.
If you like your post-apocalypse Eighties B movie style, then this game is worth checking out.


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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Out From Under

The Atomic Warlords Summer Campaign can be revealed at last! In typical overambitious fashion I am building/painting four new factions, a bunch of terrain, and one brand new army for the summer madness.

Starting in May we shall start Out From Under, a twelve mission escalating, semi-narrative campaign dealing with the Genestealer Cult uprising on Zircon IV. The Cult will have small skirmishes to large battles against: Rival Hive Gangs, Enforcers, Sisters of Battle, P.D.F., Inquisition, and Deathwatch.  All fighting will be done in cramped city environments.

Stay tuned for posts on constructing the forces, battle reports, fiction, and the flow of the grand campaign. It should be a good time for all.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Storm King vs a Lot of Tanks

Finally time to put my shiny new Titan on the table. One lone Warlord Titan (2,750 points) versus a full Emperor's Fist Tank company of ten Leman Russ Vanquishers, a Baneblade, and two Shadowswords (3,100 pts. A few stand-ins for the Guard)

Turn One: The Guard went first, Even with most of the Vanquishers only needing a 3+ to hit, it still took four of them to drop the Void Shields. The remaining six did 4 hull points of damage, all from the Vanquisher battle cannons. The Baneblade did single point of damage with its main gun and none from the lascannons. The pair of Shadowswords inflicted seven points of damage with their mighty Volcano Cannons. 12 points of damage total, almost half.

Then Tempestus Rex shot back. The Shadowswords were clearly the biggest threat and each got erased by a triple turbo laser battery. The Baneblade and a Vanquisher were taken out by a single Volcano blast, and the formation HQ tank plus a two of his friends by the second Volcano Cannon shot.
Three superheavies and four Vanquishers. Not a bad turn of shooting. And I got two Void Shields back.

The six remaining Vanquishers (now hitting on 4+ due to the loss of the HQ) Took down the Voids and did 3 more HP. Then they died.
 A swift two turn bloodbath. With thirteen vehicles the tank force only did 50% damage to the Titan. The tanks had the added advantage of going first, and starting within lascannon weapons range. The Warlord's guns have a huge range advantage, if we had started any further apart it would have been even more lopsided. The plan was for the Vanquishers to close and use the sponson mounted Multi-Meltas to great effect. That didn't come close to happening.

No big surprise that the Warlord Titan is a nigh unstoppable machine of destruction, and doesn't really belong in a 40K scaled game. But it is so much damn fun!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back in the Blood Bowl

As Jim & Bob would say, "We're back for another exciting season of Blood Bowl!" of course it has been about twenty years since I last played BB on the tabletop. After a very long hiatus, The Game of Fantasy Football is back. Real Fantasy Football with dice and Orcs, not to be confused with  spreadsheet jockeys who fantasise about "owning" real NFL players.

The big question about Games Workshop returning to other games it any good? Happily the answer is a resounding yes. The miniatures are great, the board is great, and the rulebook and supporting items are great. And for a smart extra bonus, they kept the rules the same! There may be a few very minor tweaks, but it is classic Blood Bowl, thank Nuffle (BB dice deity).
Playing BB with two painted teams is quite a satisfying experience. And it is pretty easy to get there, a full team roster is only sixteen players, so they paint up quick.
 Aside from looking good on the pitch, the painted figs really help with figuring out who is who. We decided to follow the Copenhagen International Tournament Rules Committee's guidelines on base colors to tell apart player's positions. Who are we to question their ancient wisdom? It just works.

The box set comes with a dozen Orc and Human players, and the Skaven starter box has been released. Dwarves and Elves are rumored to be next. Extra players, Star Players, and the like are suppose to be coming from Forge World. Hopefully they will get to the Chaos team before long.
Blood Bowl is a fast, fun and often very chaotic game. It is not for people who can't stand to see their "perfect" strategy evaporate with a few bad die rolls. It is a game where you have to be on your toes and thinking of Plan B at all times. Which is one the reasons I have always really liked this game. BB matches can be exhausting, full of despair and triumph, often in the same turn.

This does feel like it is a real re-launch of Blood Bowl that will have good support from Games Workshop rather than a one-off nostalgia release. I hope that is the case.

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