Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tau in Action

I've managed to get in three games with my Tau. They did very well, shooting up Blood Angels, Orks, and Eldar. Still lost two out of three games on victory points. That is one of the things I really like about the Maelstrom of War missions. Objectives really count. 

The Tau are still very bad at Hand to Hand, but to be fair, few armies can stand up to twenty Striking Scorpions AND their Phoenix Lord being dumped in their lap. Stupid jinking Wave Serpents.

Shooting is still the Tau's game, and they can bring a lot of heat, especially when I remember to use the makerlights in the correct order. Commander Longstrike is my current favorite, perhaps a bit overpriced, but he is a great Tank Killer. Taking Hammerheads in a squadron of three is something I haven't tried yet. I do like the +1 BS boost, but not having split fire is a little worrisome. Oh sure, you will do a lot of damage to the unit you are shooting at, but it is still only one unit. I will give a try in my next game.
I only picked up one new model in this go around, the Coldstar/Enforcer Command suit. It is a excellent kit, and a welcome addition to my army. Makes the boss really stand out. While I am a huge fan of Mecha battlesuits, the large Stormsurge unit did nothing for me. I would rather have another Riptide or two. Hmm. That's a good idea...

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Friday, November 6, 2015

New Tau Books Quick Take

New shiny Tau books (finally) arrived for me today, so I have had only a brief flip through.
Codex: Tau Empire has brought the Mech-loving blue skins into line with 7th edition. Not a lot of changes to the base units, but the addition of Warlord traits, Formations, and continuing the datasheet style make this a essential book for Tau players. Not much artwork, but lots of very good quality photos of models.

Some of the changes were expected, Hammerheads and Sky Rays can now be fielded in squadrons of 1-3 vehicles, and Piranhas expanded to max size of 5. The surprises for me where that Riptides are now 1-3, and VX-8 Crisis squads are 1-9! This will be fun. Of course the newly released units are in the Codex: Breacher Teams (Fire Warriors with Pulse Shotguns) The Commander in fancy Enforcer or Coldstar battlesuit, the Ghostkeel, (big stealth suits), and the very big Stormsurge artillery suit. And new Drones. Lots of new Drones. The Tau now have more drones than the NSA.

I plan on bringing the Tau to the table this weekend to see what tweaks were made to all the support systems and such, there will a battle report next week.

The other Tau book released was the War Zone Damocles: Kauyon set. Two very nice hard covers in a slipcase.
Following in the mold of Shield of Baal last year, the two books are divided up into the fluff "history" book and the Rules. The fluff book has lots of new pretty artwork and a good narrative of the campaign. The Rules book is just what is says: Eight Echoes of War missions and a campaign chart to use them. Well done sections acting as a mini-codex for both the White Scars and the Raven Guard. The Tau section is interesting. It has a large amount of overlap with the Tau codex for the new units. The only formations not in the Tau codex are the five dealing with the Tidewall fortifications.

Overall, I am well pleased with all the books and look forward to dealing Mecha-suited death.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Zombies. Yeah, we are near/past the saturation point, but killing them is still so much damn fun.

A quick top three list of zombie games game for this Halloween.

Number Three:
Zombie dice by Steve Jackson game. It's cheap, fast, and fun. A fine "filler" game that plays very well with 2-6 players.

Number Two:
Zombicide by Cool Mini or Not. It's expensive and fun. Game play is pretty quick, set-up is not bad, but not super fast. Oddly one of my biggest complaints with the game right now is too many choices, too much stuff not really integrated with each other. It's mostly all great stuff, but damn, it is a whole lot. I know, first world gamer problems. We are working on trimming our set down back to a lean fast and fun game with a few cool extras.

Number One:
 Last Night on Earth by Flying Frog. Just nudging out Zombicide for the top slot, LNoE is a competitive game between the zombie player and 2-4 players on the human side. It is less "gamey" and it's expansions fit together well. Being a Flying Frog game it does have some weird, "leftover" counters and things that don't really have rules, but it does not detract from the game experience.

Honorable Mention:
All Things Zombie by Lock N Load/ Two Hour Wargames. ATZ started out as a really good miniature ruleset with slick game play. (That I am going to have to try with all these Zombicide minis) The LnL boardgame version lost something on it's way. A new, Reloaded version is due any week now and promises to improve a good game.

Next week A review of the new Tau Codex and Campaign book.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Meanwhile at the Cantina...

Twin Shadows, an expansion for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars Imperial Assault came out a month ago, and I just got done painting the figures and sorting in the new stuff. Let's have a look.

It is a "small box" expansion with a six mission mini-campaign, a pair of new Rebel heroes, Tusken Raiders, and Heavy Weapon Stormtroopers. Toss in new map tiles and a handful of new cards for both Skirmish and Campaign modes.  Not too bad at all. Also released at the same time, and used in the mini-campaign are Boba Fett, R2-D2 & C3P0, and the Stormtrooper Leader Character.

The mini-campaign takes place on Tatooine (hence the Twin Shadows title) so we do get the infamous Mos Eisley cantina (Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina for the deeply nerdy) for your very own seedy space bar shootout.

the new miniatures all look nice. The Sand People's Gaffi Sticks are a little soft and bendy, and Boba Fett's pose could have been a little more open, but that is the extent of my quibbles.

We are going to give some of new skirmish missions a try this weekend, and get started on the mini-campaign. I can't wait to see how Mr. Fett does on the field.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Great Gargant in Combat

Time to see how Pete's Great Orkzinga fares upon the field of battle. The battle crazed Ork's brought 5,000 points in the form of nine models. The combined Blood Angel, Imperial Guard & Knights stood ready with 5K of mostly tanks and the Baron's Lance of three Knights.
The Orks went first and unleashed a torrent of fire. The Belly Kannon was a big hit (pun intended).
Thankfully the Knight's Ion shields held, but the Crusader was taken out, and the Predator was immobilized.
On the Imperial's turn all seven Leman Russ tanks, the Shadowsword, and about half of the Knights firepower was directed at the Great Gargant for a total of 12 hull points damage.
The two forces slammed into each other around mid-field. The Knight's Baron and Errant came out on top, huge chainswords are hard to argue with. A heroic Blood Angel Landspeeder came in via deep strike and did some damage to the Great Gargant before falling victim to the Flakk gunz.
The bottom of turn three was the end for the Orks. The Mighty Orkzinga exploded in a blinding flash and the last Ork walker followed right after. Still, in three turns of combat, the Great Gargant had destroyed:
1 Land Raider Crusader
1 Razorback, and a six man Devastator squad
1 Landspeeder
1 Knight Crusader
3 Leman Russ Tanks
And a half dozen hull points worth of damage to a few other tanks.

Very good considering how  much firepower was arrayed against it.

Rules-wise I think it was very solid, a few minor tweeks to the weapons and the addition of Grot Riggers was all we came up with. Next time we will try just the Great Gargant against 2500 points of Imperial forces.

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