Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Night Fights

Fun fact: 15 Genestealers can fit if they deploy with a Trygon. Well, it's not that fun if you are the one facing them, and there are two such groups, and nine Raveners.
It went poorly for the Guard.

100PL battle, Tyranids vs Imperial Guard with a Deathwatch Squad. Tyranids went first, and the Guard never found their footing. Not to mention the worst Overwatch rolling I have made in a long time. Even with the Strategy card that lets me hit on a 5+.
It just wasn't the Cadian's day. Mrs. Blackheart made some great chrage rolls and the 'Nids were disregarding Social Distancing in no time.

'Stealers aren't that good against tanks anymore, but if they can arrive in close combat with 10+ models...that's a lot of dice, and usually enough sixes to do some damage.

The Swarmlord didn't take a scratch on her way into my tanks. Deathwatch killed everything they shot at, but were only one squad and a Gunship, and it was not enough.
We were playing with Tactical Objectives, and at the end of turn three it was Tyranids:7 Guard:0.
Even though I lost bad, it was a fast, fun game. Next time I will manage my deployment better...

The Hive Mind Hungers
This Was a Good Snack Though

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

World Eaters Wednesday for May

Armored might. It's not all about Chainaxes (It totally is) Some days you have to kill other armored fighting vehicles and/or monsters at range. Or you would like to get across the field faster than running. Or maybe I just like tanks. Blood colored ones with spikes and skulls are clearly the best kind.

In the beginning, there was Kristine. I wanted a Land Raider to be the center point of my growing World Eaters army. I had tried to find the older plastic kit, but they were not available anymore and this was the dark ages of the internets. The one I did have was already painted in Dark Angels green. So, I had to wait a few years for the brand-new Land Raider. It was worth it.

                                                               Moddeling for advantage question regarding Landraiders - Page 5 ...
She has been upgraded a few times over the years: a few more skulls, metal Khorn icons, resin Forge world doors, more spike and skulls, paint touch-ups, and a few more skulls. Now that we can put different units in a transport, I normally take a 5-man squad of Berzerkers plus my three HQs to make the unholy number Eight, just for fun.
Waaay back when GW had Games Day, I picked up some metal extra armor packages for Predator/Rhino tanks. The two Predators and the Vindicator are mostly metal, and indeed very heavy.
Which brings us to the Rhinos. The fastest way to get forty crazed butchers to the enemy.
I had painted up three for the World Eaters, but just added a fourth one out of leftover parts.
This armored battlegroup forms the core of my World Eaters army. It suits my style of play very well, I don't always win, but I do have a good time with this force.
Next month on WEW, Daemon Engines and other stuff.

Blood for The Blood God
Lascannons too

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Backlog: Bone Tithe Nexus

As most of us do, I have a mighty Pile of Shame. It is sub-divided into three sections: Primed, Built, and Still in Box. You know how it is, see something new and cool, must have it!

Then maybe build, hopefully prime if the weather/mood/Warp/primer is correct and stars in alignment...annnd new sexy project comes along before you get any paint on the boxed/built/primed stuff.

Then repeat. The Mountain of Shame grows!

It is a fine time to clean out my blacklog of models that have been primed, but have been sitting, for a long time. I started with one that hasn't waited that long, but is thematically linked to my AoS Skeleton Army and World Eaters, the cool and creepy Bone Tithe Nexus! It's got enough skulls to make Khone Himself give the S'up nod.

It took me far longer to figure out what colors I wanted to paint it than it took to actually paint. The body of the statue gave me the most problems. Is it all stone? Bone? I wound up doing a mix.

 The wooden barrels take it a little out of the 40K aesthetic, but I think it will work just fine in the battlefields of the Grim Dark .
 Next: More World Eaters

Reduce The Pile
One Skull at a Time

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

World Eaters Wednesday

Blood for the Blood God. Yep. Those guys. I won my first Rogue Trader tournament with them (4th Edition), and made a Necron player almost cry. It was a good day indeed.

Way back in 1991 when I was getting serious about this new game, Warhammers Forty Thousand, I picked up a few metal miniatures 'cause they were cool. One of the blister packs was this guy:
I didn't know anything about him, but he looked cool and evil. I was on the path to being a Khorne warlord I and didn't even know it yet. I found a few more (3 out of the 4) different poses that were available at the time, and wanted more. Then with the launch of Glorious 2nd Edition the floodgates opened and a few more Bunny Eared Psychos were released. I kinda wish I still had some of the first, mono-pose plastic dudes from 1994...

I bought a couple of boxes, plus my expanding range of metal guys, and my first real World Eaters army took to the field. No pictures exist of that epoch.
Khorne Berserkers (1998 Edition) - 40k Chaos Space Marines - Noble ...
After Third Edition, and The Greatest Chaos Codex, the new multi-pose plastic Berzerkers made my World Eaters army really flourish. I then added tanks, bikers, daemons, and of course, Kharn. All trembled and worried about keeping their heads when the World Eaters took the field.

The years rolled on by and not much was added to the army, with one large exception...

After a few years of not seeing them on the field, it struck me, I missed my World Eaters. Continuing my re-doing of some armies for 8th, I got busy on my favorite decapitation enthusiasts.

They got reshuffled into 10 man squads, and the laborious task of putting them all on 32mm bases was done.

Even Berzerker Prime made the transition. 
Two of the not-quite-as-old metal figs got new jobs. The "Chaos Lord with Big Axe" became Master of Executions, and "Very Excited Berzerker" became an Exalted Champion. The fun part of that was cutting off them off the old bases and putting on 40mm bases. I was concerned the most about old metal Kharn, but it went well.
I still need to finish up the bases with some skulls, plant tufts, and skulls.

Next World Eaters Wednesday: Tanks.

Skulls For the Skull Throne
We Have a Quota to Fill