Friday, August 8, 2014

Star Wars Armada

I was wondering what Fantasy Flight Games was going to do after they had released all the fighters and ships they could for X-Wing. Now I know. They will just keep printing money.
Not due until 2015, the possibilities are very exciting. I'm liking the relative scale of the minis. This will allow for a much wider range of figures. Somebody say Executor vs. Mon Calamari cruisers?
Check out FFG's news on it  here.

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Showdown at DS9

On the night before Comic Con what should you do? Check the schedule? Wait in line for hall "H"?

No! It's time to drink rum and play games! Fellow Warlord Pete was in town for the con and hanging out at Fortress Blackheart, so we decided to play a epic 250 point Star Trek Attack Wing battle.

Destroy the station was the mission, and to give us more maneuver room we played on a 4'x 6' battlefield.
250 points is getting close to the upper limit of an Attack Wing game, purely due to large number of cards and tokens to keep track of. Actual game time did not increase by that much, a testament to the cleanness of the FlightPath system.

Pete took five solid ships chock full of upgrades, and a well equipped DS9.
I didn't take two Jem'Hadar battleships, but I did really think about it. My fleet consisted of the Jem'hadar Battlecruiser, 4 attack ships, a Keldon, a Galor, the Hediki fighters, and a Breen Cruiser to round out the Dominion multicultural Battle Fleet of Doom. It took two turns to get into phaser range, but the fireworks was worth it.
The battle raged hot for two more turns, but Pete's ship were unable to support each other well and couldn't finish off cripples. The end result was all my ship took a good amount of damage, but I only lost three. Four out five Federation ships were destroyed. The end came swiftly for DS9 as the Dominion fleet closed in around it.
The the sole surviving Federation ship, Defiant, took out the Breen Cruiser, but it wasn't enough to save DS9 from a torrent of fire.

It was a very enjoyable game and went smoothly. The only complaint that both of us had was DS9 was not tough enough. It needs some additional special rules to give it some more bite. One thing we are going to try out is having DS9 be able to always fire its primary weapon in addition to any torpedoes it fires, at the same or a different target.  

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

End of Month Musings

Well. July was a busy month. Let's start with GW's Sanctus Reach Campaign. I really like it! This is the kind of thing they need to do more often, a solid campaign supported by novels, some new figures, and new Codexes. The main book, The Red Waaagh! is a very well done supplement. Great new artwork, a good narrative of the battles and characters, and 11 missions. Plus a few formations and new rules for Planetstrike for good measure. 

I will be putting up mini-reviews of the novel and five short stories soon. Having so much source material adds a lot to the immersion of the campaign. We have decided to play though the entire thing, so I have to get going painting some Knights. 

The only strange miss-step of this whole event was the Stormclaw box set. It was a great value for the money, but what was it supposed to be? A starter set or a campaign expansion? It came with a full color mini-rulebook which is great, but no templates or dice, so not quite a starter set. The 32 background and mission book has three missions that only use the forces in the box, kinda like a starter set. The point is ultimately moot, because they badly underestimated demand and it sold out in 36 hours.  
The Space Wolves Sanctus Reach intervention will be covered in much greater detail with the next hardcover supplement, Hour of the Wolf.   

And now for something completely different:
I saw this in my inbox and had to share. Yes, the 1983 not-quite-classic is coming soon to Blu ray! I was in Junior High School and still in my AD&D phase, but branching out to Traveller and Gamma World, so this movie seemed like a perfect must see. And it mostly was. Very ambitious story, fantastic production values, just a bit heavy on the cheese. I can't wait to see what extras are on the blu ray.

Relive the days of feathered hair heroes versus evil space aliens. (Shameless plug goes here) Get Krull  here for a mere $9.98!

Next up: A huge Star Trek Attack Wing bash.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mean Green Kumpin' Machines

Dread Mob. Such a fun army to use, and truly overwhelms your opponents. In this new, wide open world of 7th edition, this has (so far) been my favorite Unbound list to use: 

Cog Gutz's Dread Mob 
1999 points, Unbound
Big Mek                 
5x Burna Boyz                       
12x Tankbustas                      
Boyz x30                                 
Boyz x25                                 
Boyz x25                                 
Deff Dread “Tuska”                                                          
  2x Rokkits
Deff Dread “Hugga”                                                        
  +2 Power Klaws                      
Deff Dread “Klanger”                                                       
  1 Big shoota
  1 Rokkit,                                                         
Deff Dread ‘Klampa”                                                        
  1 Big Shoota
  1 Skorcher    
3x Killa Kans                         
  2x Big Shoota
  1x Rokkit
Mega Dread “Buzz Gunz”    
  Grot Riggas                 
Gorkanaut “Da Krushinator”           
  Grot Riggas                                         

Matt made sure I kept up the fine tradition of having my newly painted model (The Gorkanaut in this case) blown off the table as soon as it arrives. Stupid Dreadnought with stupid Lascannons. The rest of the battle was all kumpin' all the time and ended in a Ork win.  
One of the great things about the Orks is that the older models fit right in alongside the new stuff. 
If I only still had this guy:

Next I will take this list against Mrs. Blackheart's Eldar. That will be interesting.
Krush 'em for Gork!
                 Mork is good too, if that is your thing.                                     

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Ladz are back

The Ork Codex has been set loose into the wild. It is up to the current standard of 40K codices, hardcover, glossy, full color. However, the format inside has changed. The unit descriptions are now with the point costs in the back half of the book. With the wargear & weapons section is after it. All the gaming info in the same section, I do like it. There is a lot more photos of models and less artwork, which is a minor gripe.

Lots of changes in the rules, as could be expected. One trend I don't like is the simplifying of unit choices. The Ork Boys lost their burnas last codex and they didn't get them back this time either. Why not? It's not like they have a strict tactical doctrine. The orks need more choices in options for their staple unit, not less.

The same goes for the Big Mek, and the welcome addition,  Mekboy. They have fewer weapon and gear choices than last codex. I have a kustomized big Mek with a burna I built years back. Which is now not an option in the new book. Good thing Orks don't give a toss about the Man's rules.

On the plus side, Tankbustas, Burnaboys, Lootas, and Flash Gitz can all now take a Trukk as a transport. Bikerz, Killa Kans, and  Warbuggies all got their squad sized increased. The killsaw is a great weapon for Mega-Nobs and Big-Meks for chopping up tanks.

The new Ork Horde FOC is kinda cool. They have one more HQ slot and three more troop slots, and a chance to get Hammer of Wrath. The Warlord traits are mostly good and you can re-roll for them if you are using a Ork Horde detachment FOC.

The Mob Rule has been changed to a table which has some nice Orkiness to it, Most Orks get 'Ere We Go which allows you to re-roll one die when charging. The Warboss still can call the Waaagh once a game, allowing the Orks to run and charge.

Orks are one of those armies the Unbound army list was made for. It was very hard or impossible to fully field a true Kult of Speed or Dread Mob before. No longer.  We have only had one game with the new book so far, I took a Kult of Speed that had 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 4 troop, 3 heavy, and 5 fast attack choices. Nothing totally cheesy or out of character but a lot of fun. I'm putting the finishing touches on a Gorkanaut and then it is Dread Mob time!

 Stomp some 'ummies!
And 'ery one else

Monday, June 30, 2014


We picked up Firefly: The Game a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I know, welcome to eight months ago. I enjoyed the show and felt it was canceled prematurely, but I am not a Browncoat. So I waited on the game until I got some positive feedback on how it was as a game, not just fan service.

Luckily, it does both! The game's art is well done and just oozes Firefly atmosphere. It may try a bit too hard in some aspects, but it is not overbearing for players not real familiar with the show. The big question is how does it play?

Firefly: The Game is a 1-4 player game were the player is a captain of a Firefly-class ship trying to make their way across the 'verse. This is accomplished by hiring crew, buying gear and getting jobs. You can stay on the right side of the law, but the jobs don't pay nearly as well. Things can get very dangerous outside of Alliance space, but that is where the real money is made. A player wins by completing the goals on the Story card. Goals vary by the different Story cards, so replay value is very good. That and the random nature of  drawing from many different decks for contacts, jobs, gear, and travelling.
Player interaction for the base game is low, (the second expansion adds some) but that is not really a minus in this type of game. The game flows quickly, and has a short learning curve. Gale Force Nine has done a good job with this license. Even though it is aimed squarely at fans of the show, it is a good game that benefits from it's setting rather than being handicapped by it like so many games based on a TV show or movie are.

 I have picked up the first mini-expansion, a deck of extra cards that add nicely to the game without adding any new rules. The second expansion adds two new ships, bounty hunting, and new story cards. A third expansion has been announced, so it looks like there will be support for his game for while. I just hope they don't go totally overboard with the expansions and make the game an unwieldy mess.

We recommend Firefly: The Game if you liked the show and enjoy a good sci-fi trader/smuggler game.

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 He's not the first psycho to hire us, nor the last. 
You think that's a commentary on us?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Martians Arrive

All Quiet on the Martian Front was just released by the nice folk over at Alien Dungeon. It is a 15mm scale tactical game of the Martian invasion early 20th century. The "current" game year is 1914 and the Martians control a large part of the globe. I backed it on Kickstarter just over a year ago and finally the big box arrived containing about 2/3 of the initial releases.

The main rule book is a nice 176 page full color hardcover. Good art and lots of pictures. The only minor complaints I have is that the pictures of the models are all of the prototypes and not of the much nicer plastic production run. The other complaint is lack of all the tables gathered together at the back of the book. That is less of a worry as I'm sure they will be released as PDFs.

One of the big goals of the Kickstarter campaign was to raise enough capital to make the Tripods and tanks out plastic. That was passed, and thank goodness it was. The plastic Assault and Scout Tripods are very easy to work with and go together in a flash, I've put together six of each in no time at all. The US tanks are also plastic and easy to assemble, with parts to make several different versions.

I built a few Tripods, and then settled in to assembling the US Army forces.

The infantry are single piece figures that go five to a base. It did take a small amount of effort to clean the flash off them but they went on the bases just fine as did the Heavy Machine Gun teams.

There is a fun unit called "Rough Riders" that are assault troops riding Harleys. No other model gave such frustration in assembly. They are only two parts, the Bike/rider and the handlebars. The handlebar part is very small and difficult to get into position. I managed making two units (six stands) of them without hurling them across the room, and they do look cool.

The tanks were fun to assemble, the only sticking point was what variants to make. I did a unit or two of the major ones and a have a few left unbuilt. A PDF is coming soon to fully address the different variants that are now possible with the plastic kit.
The artillery units, and the large super tanks will be arriving in the next shipment, hopefully before the end of the year.

Next up, the Martians!

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