Thursday, January 31, 2019

Magic Robo Arms

I'll be honest, some of us laughed at the Citadel Assembly Handle when it was released. It just looked goofy, and kinda impractical.
I received one as a birthday gift, so I decided to give it a fair chance the next time I built something. 
A few days later I was deep into painting the Blackstone Fortress guys, when disaster struck! I lost track of where Ms Eldar Ranger was on the table and bumped her long rifle with my elbow and broke the slender weapon. 

With Vaul's grace I was able to find it on the carpet, but how to fix it? I wanted to use plastic cement so it would kind of weld back together. It is a super thin part so holding it in place for a few minutes for the glue to set, and then at least half an hour to really cure was going to be difficult. 

Unless one had some kind of wonder tool! I quickly set it up and did a dry fitting with no issues. A little bit of glue and presto! I placed the handle someplace safe from the cats and me. About a hour later I checked on it, carefully removing the clamps to find the rifle perfectly straight and solidly fixed.

I have since used them a few time for similar type of construction. The "arms" are well segmented to achieve almost any position. Very useful to secure a tricky part and let it dry while you move on the something else. Fun to use, inexpensive, and quite handy.

Go Build Something
And Let the Robo-Arms Help

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Party Like it's 39919

Happy New year! Momentum has been increasing here now that the holiday season is finally past us. The Industrial terrain is complete, and the new city buildings are going well. I decided to go with the dusty tan look because I like it, and it gives good contrast to most models.

When the City is done we are going to try a short Kill Team Campaign followed by a full-blown 40K/Kill Team campaign kicking off in March.

There is a good backlog of board games we shall try in the upcoming months and report on.

I am going to do my best to keep my slightly aggressive painting/building schedule. Next on the bench will be the figures from Blackstone Fortress, and some after action write ups on the game as well.

I'm sure GW will have some surprises in store for us as the year unfolds. What happens after the next two Codexes? (Genestealer Cult and Sisters of Battle) We shall find out!

The Emperor Protects
With Champagne and Gunfire  

Thursday, December 20, 2018

All Over the Bench

My last two painting projects were Kill Teams. Small number of figures, small footprint on our dining/gaming table. Easy to move aside to game and/or eat.

I have a good amount of Sector Mechanicus terrain, mostly kinda assembled. Some parts even had a bit of paint them. I wanted to make some really dynamic industrial battlefields for 40K/Kill Team, so I picked a few more terrain sets that would fit in with the theme.

Then I decided to paint ALL MY TERRAIN AT ONCE. A bold move to be sure, but not a very well thought out one. I wanted my Sector Mechanicus to be glued together but still modular, and yet in small enough sections I could actually store in bins (to keep dust and cat paws off of it).

A week of test fitting, guling, stacking, cursing, and just staring at it, finally gave me what I wanted.

Then it was time to paint. Oh mighty Emperor, I gravely underestimated how long it would take to paint all those big slabs of detailed plastic. Or how many times I would have to run to the game store for more paint.

Big projects can get out of control fast. By breaking it down to its component parts I was able to tame this doom I brought upon the work bench. Paint all the red, do all the leadbelcher, (so, so much leadbelcher), in a assembly line fashion. I know that doesn't work for everyone, but it does for me.

The terrain is so detailed, I could have gone way down the rabbit hole with this one, but I did a lot with drybushing and washes, and picking out just select detail to give a little pop.

So after two weeks I declared it done enough. I could easily spend a lot more time detailing but I actually want to play something. After a few games I'm sure I will notice somethings that bug me and I'll go back and touch some stuff up. But tonight the table will be clear!

Until I start on the Sector Imperialis stuff...

Go Make Something
But Leave Room To Eat

Friday, November 30, 2018

Bad Photos

Sexy Assassin always wins against hideous monster. Dice permitting.
So I had every intent on doing some detailed Kill Team battle reports, but I have this problem. I get distracted playing the game and the pictures I take (if at all) are poor quality. Going back over the few photos I did remembered to take, I find that anywhere from 50% to 100% are blurry, over/underexposed, or just poorly framed.
Good dogo for the win!
I'm going to try something: Instead of in game as-it-happens-action-shots, I'm going to restage the more interesting bits after the game is over. I'll have to take notes of some kind, which may be the new point of failure. We'll see.

"So you decided to become a Mutant and overthrow the ship. This is going to look bad on your employee review, Bob."
Two of the walls in our game room are pretty much made out of windows, so daylight shooting is a huge glare fest with not enough front light.

Speaking of which, the lighting is all overhead, and the other two walls and ceiling are are kinda dark wood, so no bounce. Far from optimal shooting conditions.

I have taken a trail step to address this, an LED light array I can attach to a tripod, to try and get some front fill. This will hopefully sharpen up the images a bit. I'll give this new setup a try next week.
And so the badly planned revolution came to an end.
The Emperor Protects
He Always Has Sharp Focus