Friday, January 1, 2016

State of the Warlords

Happy New Year and all that. Let me yap about what the new year holds for the Atomic Warlords. Increased coverage of board games, a few more posts than last year, and a couple of big-ish projects.

I have been told several times that people prefer more, shorter posts over fewer, longer ones. I am going to endeavor to do that. I am aware that the Amazon Affiliates sidebar is AFU and I'm trying to get that straightened out. I will look into a few new miniature game systems, Gates of Antares, MERCS, and Warpath.

We are planning a 40K campaign for the spring, and a small unit Kill-Team/Necromunda type campaign as well. There are three armies of mine that need paint this year in addition to painting a few board game figure sets. Lots to do this year, it will be fun.

The Emperor Protects
He helps those who help themselves first

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