Friday, September 30, 2016

Some Titan Progress

I didn't get to work on the Warlord Titan very much the past few days. I mostly blame the oven-like wind that was here all week. I did manage to trim & wash the remaining parts for the body.
And all the armor plates while I was at it.
I can already tell some of the big parts are really warped. Yay, more boiling water fun. All the smaller parts went onto the torso, but I need to prime and start some painting before any more assembling can continue.
The main weapon arms look like they are going to be, you know, challenging. Three different parts make up the joints, so we could give it a large range of motion, which nobody does. Because it's a huge Imperial Titan, not some nimbly-pimbly Eldar. After the priming I'll have to start on the main weapons so I can get the arm pose correct. Next week: Guns & Paints.

Hail the Omnissiah! He is the God in the Machine, the Source of All Knowledge.
And a Real Pain in the Aft Quadrant

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