Friday, September 9, 2016

Labor Day Battles

Time for some BBQ and 40k battles! We have yet to try out the fun of hot, Knight-on-Knight action. Fortunately, Peter is building a household of Knights under new management. He brought a pair still under construction to do battle with the Imperial lapdogs.
The Hydra

The Dark Paladin
The two Fallen Knights were joined by a Lord of Skulls for a nice 1703 point force. In the first battle I took my Four Horsemen. It made for a swift match. Minor damage was done by each side in the shooting phases. The real fun happened in close combat.

Four Super-heavy walkers enter, one Lord of Skulls leaves. It gets really bloody when everyone has Destroyer close combat weapons. Very entertaining though.
On the other flank, The Baron took down the twin battlecannon armed Chaos Knight in close combat. Even without a D weapon it still did a good amount of damage to the Baron's suit. 
The badly damage Baron charged the damaged and very angry Lord of Skulls. Stupid Daemon saves.
However, in the next shooting phase my last Knight, a Crusader brought the Lord of Skulls down with a hail of fire from the Avenger Gatling Cannon. Narrow win for the Imperium!

The second battle saw Matt's Blood Angels with a new friend. He had just finished his new Freeblade, Scriptum. Named as such because its armor is cover in the text of its glorious deeds. Matt painted them on with a brush. The effect is quite striking.  
Unfortunately I had camera problems during the second battle, brought on by too much Rum. So the few shots I did take are all blurry. Sorry Matt and Peter! The game did end in a win for Chaos. 

The next time we try a big mech fight we will bring in some hapless infantry and see how that goes. Overall the games were fun and fast. It was nice have a lot of the big models on the table.

The Emperor Protects
And Probably Invented BBQ

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