Friday, October 7, 2016

Guns, Guns, Guns

Ahh yes, the raison d'être for the Warlord Titan. Very heavy weapons and lots of them. I was a bit torn on the weapons loadout, I think for the shoulder weapons missile pods have great utility and can wipe out entire units of infantry, but I like big guns and I cannot lie. Triple Turbo Lascannons would be my choice for the "secondary" weapons.

 Arm weapons, I want the classic Defense Laser (Volcano Cannon to you kids) and Gatling Blaster combo. Alas, Forge World doesn't make a Gatling Blaster yet. Soon, I hope. I have a few ideas in decreasing order of sanity for a gatling Blaster arm, but more on that later. The Plasma Destructor and Power Fist don't really do anything for me, so I went with a pair of Big Honkin' LaserGuns.
 First the usual, cut, trim, bath. A little bit of re-bending in boiling water, nothing too bad. All went together pretty well. The triple turbos had a moment of frustration when putting the three barrels together, but it was overcome with a few choice oaths and strong drink.

Just because I wanted to be done with the cut, trim, wash cycle I also prepped the cockpit.
So this marks the end of all sub-assemblies. Getting all them to fit together with be a thing.
Next up: Time for a whole bunch of paint.  

The Big Guns Never Tire
As Long as the Epoxy Sets


  1. How difficult would you say the actual assembly is on this? You're doing a lot of cleaning/boiling/straightening, but is it really difficult past that?

    I've been trying to figure out where this falls on the difficult<-->tedious scale.

  2. Not super difficult, but not something I would recommend to anyone without experience working with resin. The scale and weight of the model give it that extra level of challenge. Once you get all the parts trimmed to fit well it's just a matter of your skill at assembly.

    The only part that has been tedious at all for me was the scrubbing every part with a toothbrush in hot soapy water. Trimming and shaping can be very frustrating, but not tedious.