Friday, September 11, 2015

Great Gargant Datasheet

After a few delays, the Mighty Great Gargant (brought to you by Peter over at In The Grim Cheapness of the Future) is ready to hit the battlefield. All it needs are a few rules, so at long last here they are!      


2500 Points
WS:4  BS:2  S:10  ARMOR 14/13/13  I:1  A:2  HP:24

Unit: 1 Great Gargant 
Type: Super Heavy Walker

Supa Force Field:  5+ Save vs. ALL shooting attacks, including "D"
Grot Riggers

•  Huge Effigy: All Orks within 24" are Fearless. If Gargant is destroyed all Orks
            within 24" must make a leadership check. Units that fail are pinned.

Capacity: 70 Models.
Fire Points: 8 Front, 4 each Side, 6 Rear
Access Points: One at the rear.

The Great Gargant must have two arm weapons:
Mega Kannon                        
Twin Deth Kannon
Cluster Kannon
Kombi-Ripper Arm                  

The Great Gargant may have up to four secondary weapons:
Cluster Rokkit Launcha
Flakk Gunz
Heavy KillKannon
Mega Gatler
Gaze of Mork
Lobba Battery

Also, up to six Supa Rokkits may be added, plus six Big Shootas.

A Gut Buster Belly Kannon may be taken, but the transport is reduced to 30 models. 

The stats for the weapons can be found here.

Being an Ork work, it is more a fluff-based feel of the weapons fit rather than a constructive set of design rules. 

The one large change I did bring was the swapping of the Ork Power Fields for a Force Field. Back in the distant past Power Fields worked like Void Shields. The gargant would start out with a number of them but once they were knocked down, they stayed down for the battle. 

Now that Super Heavies really only lose Hull Points, it seemed like extra bookkeeping for no real gain. Orks are known for their use of Force Fields, which fluctuate wildly from completely impregnable to non-existent. It works very well in place of the old Power Fields, and is far easier to keep track of. 

Next up: The Great Gargant in battle!

'Ere We Go, 'Ere We Go!
Lots of Krumpin' to Do


  1. Quadruple to 8x the number of guns, and it'll be propa. The quote from helsreach for the "godkilla" which took out an emperor class titan (spoiler), spoke that when it fired, it sounded like the torrential downpour of rain in a monsoon...only it was bullets.

  2. I really liked the power field (Kustom Mega-Field??) instead of the void shields. I was a bit worried how it would work out at first, but it did seem to balance out shrugging off a lot of stuff while letting a fair amount through.

    And, as you said, much less bookkeeping.