Friday, September 18, 2015

Great Gargant in Combat

Time to see how Pete's Great Orkzinga fares upon the field of battle. The battle crazed Ork's brought 5,000 points in the form of nine models. The combined Blood Angel, Imperial Guard & Knights stood ready with 5K of mostly tanks and the Baron's Lance of three Knights.
The Orks went first and unleashed a torrent of fire. The Belly Kannon was a big hit (pun intended).
Thankfully the Knight's Ion shields held, but the Crusader was taken out, and the Predator was immobilized.
On the Imperial's turn all seven Leman Russ tanks, the Shadowsword, and about half of the Knights firepower was directed at the Great Gargant for a total of 12 hull points damage.
The two forces slammed into each other around mid-field. The Knight's Baron and Errant came out on top, huge chainswords are hard to argue with. A heroic Blood Angel Landspeeder came in via deep strike and did some damage to the Great Gargant before falling victim to the Flakk gunz.
The bottom of turn three was the end for the Orks. The Mighty Orkzinga exploded in a blinding flash and the last Ork walker followed right after. Still, in three turns of combat, the Great Gargant had destroyed:
1 Land Raider Crusader
1 Razorback, and a six man Devastator squad
1 Landspeeder
1 Knight Crusader
3 Leman Russ Tanks
And a half dozen hull points worth of damage to a few other tanks.

Very good considering how  much firepower was arrayed against it.

Rules-wise I think it was very solid, a few minor tweeks to the weapons and the addition of Grot Riggers was all we came up with. Next time we will try just the Great Gargant against 2500 points of Imperial forces.

Bigger is Better!
Though it does also make you a Better Target


  1. Great Orkzinga.? Sir, you are mistaken. That was the name of the Goff gargant that mysteriously vanished shortly before the battle.

    We're extremely lucky the Deathskulls had their gargant, Great Morkzinga with them on that fateful day. Clearly theirs, check out all that blue paint.

    Don't question it.

  2. We are going to need to see the Gargant's License and Registration right meow.