Friday, May 15, 2015

An Arsenal of Doom

Orks love the dakka. The more the better. In our continuing exploration of the Ork Great Gargant in conjunction with In The Grim Cheapness of the Future (where you can see the beast taking shape) we shall cast our eye upon the very essence of the Ork reverence of the Gargant: raw firepower.

One can broadly characterize two levels of weapons on the Gargant. Let's examine each in some detail.

The "typical" Gargant has three main weapons, a massive belly cannon with a slow rate of fire and two weapon "arms". These can be any of a wide range of types. Here are the stats I have pieced together from all the sources I could find. Balanced out against other 40K weapons, but mostly my own best guess.

Weapon                                 Range         Str        AP         Special                       
Gut Buster Belly Kannon        72"          10/9/8    1/2/3      Apocalyptic Blast, Slow*

Mega Kannon                         96"            D            3         7" Blast, Ordnance

Twin Deth Kannon                  72"            10           1        7" Blast, Heavy 2,

Cluster Kannon                       60"            8             3          5" Blast, Barrage D3+3

Kombi-Ripper Arm                  -                 D            1          +3 Attacks, Melee
 -Twin Kilkannons                  36"              7             3          5" Blast, Heavy 2  

*Slow: Weapon can only fire every other turn.

Two shoulder turrets are common to Great Garants, as is the Gaze of Mork. A few secondary weapons can be found in hull emplacements on some. Most smaller weapons can and are attached almost anywhere.

Weapon                                 Range         Str        AP         Special                       
Heavy KillKannon                  48"             9              3           5" Blast

Supa-Flamer                      Hellstorm        6             3          Template

Mega Gatler                           48"             7             3          Heavy 3D6+3

Lobba Battery                        72"              5            4          Barrage 4, 5"Blast

Gaze of Mork                        48"             10            1          Heavy 2, Twin Linked

Supa Rokkit                           240"           8              3          5" Blast, One use

Big Shoota                             36"             5             5           Heavy 3

Cluster Rokkit Launcha         36"             8              3         Heavy D6+2

Flakk Gunz                            48"             7             4          Heavy 4, Twin-Linked,

This entry will be updated a few times as I'm still fine tuning the weapons, feel free to leave any comments on the stats down below.
Next up: My Datasheet for the Great Gargant.

More, More, MOAR DAKKA!
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  1. What, no pictures...?

    Is the "Slow" rule for the Belly Kannon the one that says the weapon can only fire every other turn?

  2. Whoops. my mistake. Yes, "Slow" means the weapon can only fire every other turn.

    I was trying to keep the pics to a minimum for this post.

  3. " an enormous Mega Gargant known as the Godbreaker, a giant machine easily dwarfing the Stormherald.

    The Stormherald soon faced the mechanical monstrosity, as the Gargant's crew wished nothing else but to challenge the greatest opponent in their path. It destroyed the smaller God Machines comprising the Stormherald 's screen with ease, and was advancing upon the weakened Imperator-class Titan to end its existence with melee weapons. Mancion, because of the damage inflicted upon the Titan and the resulting psychosomatic pain and wounds, was nearly completely useless, and the war engine was operated by her Moderati, Lonn and Valian Carsomir. Their only chance was to finish the Gargant with a single, last shot of the Plasma Annihilator. Carsomir decided to fire the Plasma Annihilator as soon as it recharged against Moderatus Lonn's advice, without waiting for the Titan's Tech-adepts to bring the weapon's stabilisers back on line. Because of this, the barrel trailed off-target under the force of its shot, and the searing projectile it spewed out missed the giant xenos walker -- thus sealing the Stormherald 's fate.

    Bigger...make it even bigger. More guns...way more guns!

    1. Oh just wait for the Mega-Gargant stats...

  4. The first time I read "Cluster Cannon", I thought it said "Custer Cannon". Then - my brain being what it is - made the almost immediate leap to that god-awful Atari 2600 game. Now all I can see is a Great Gargant wearing a Stetson Cavarly Hat shouting "Stoopid humies!!! We've come fer yer womenz!!!"

    I know. I'm a terrible person who's comments are of dubious quality and questionable value.

    Having said all that, I feel like maybe the mega gatler should be rending. I also think maybe the supa rokkit could be beefed up a bit to S 9/AP 2. I have a hard time believing that a space marine or IG missile launcher carried by one or two guys is as powerful as something called a supa rokkit. It's what Custer would've wanted.

  5. I toyed with the idea of making the mega gatler having rending, but no Ork weapon has it. I just don't think the Mekboys put enough care into their APFSDS rounds. Or bother with them at all.

    The Supa Rokkit gains a 5" blast while keeping it's S 8/AP 3. It is more of an rocket propelled artillery shell than a HEAT round, like the Krak missile is.

    Now I need a Ork Gargant Kaptin with a Stetson.