Friday, June 26, 2015

Four Horsemen

I just finished my Imperial Knights upgrades. I built and painted a Baron in a Knight Warden, and did some various up-gunning to my three existing Knights. Even though it was just fourteen months since the first Knight Codex came out, a lot has changed in the 40K landscape. The new Codex is bigger, with more artwork and painting guides, not to mention three new Knights and five new weapon systems. New Warlord traits and a handful of relics make the new Codex a worthwhile upgrade.

The addition of carapace weapons are a significant improvement for the Knights. It gives them a much needed Anti-aircraft weapon in the form of the Icarus Autocannons.  The two types of missile launchers helps out with light armor threats and/or large squads of infantry.

The new Knight Warden kit comes with all the parts needed to make all the variants. And as a bonus, the two carapace weapons are complete, so you will have one left over to add to a older model.

Keeping with my House Terryn theme, I wanted to make a Baronial Court with four knights, one of each shooty type. Sorry, Gallant, but who the hell wants an all hand to hand Knight?

So my new build, the Baron. I really like the few new bits: Meltagun, fancy tilting shield, and of course the Avenger Gatling Cannon (with built-in Heavy Flamer for the kids!) I did the decals the same way as I did for my first three and had very good results this time too.

My Crusader started out as one of my two Paladins, after a slightly stressful job of removing the chainsword from the left shoulder/arm joint, I replaced it with an Avenger cannon and added a Stormspear missile pod up top.

The Errant has the least amount of work done to it, new faceplate and a missile pod and done!

The remaining Paladin had a left arm upgrade as well, I just had to put the Thunderstrike Gauntlet on one of the Knights. I swapped out a Heavy Stubber for a Meltagun and dropped on the autocannon mount to complete the upgrades.

 The Baron's Lance comes out to a nice 1745 points. Time to see who is can take it on.

Next up, we play the new 40K-themed board game, Forbidden Stars.

The Emperor Protects
Because Giant Robots


  1. Very nice. Maybe we can do something with them on the 4th.

    (By the way, you know those ancient black pyramids you built the Knight's household on top of...?)

  2. Awesome job on the knights! They look brutal!

  3. If you make 'em a 1750 point "army", then you have a deal. The Eldar and/or Tau might have a thing or two to say about your most knightly gentleman. I'm sure most of the things they say will be "AAAAHHHH!" or "YAARRGHH!!"... maybe a "Look out!" or two. There will certainly be at least one "Another hit but no pen? REALLY?!!"

    But you bet your goddamn life there will be a "STUPID F*CKING GAME!!!!!"

    1. So how many Wolfguard Terminators would it take?