Friday, June 19, 2015

Airmobile Assault

We played a Sanctus Reach battle  a few days ago. Mission 10: "Klaw of Gork", a small Imperial Guard strike force must destroy a Ork force field projector so a larger force can attack the traktor beam that is bringing an asteroid down to impact on top of the Guard's mountain fortress.

Three Valkyries, two stormtrooper squads, and a stormtrooper HQ with Commissar Lord comes out to a nice 1200 points. To counter this assault the Orks had three mobs of boyz, a battlewagon, a pile of grots workin' on the force field generator, with a Burna-Bomba in support lead by a Big Mek with his burna boy buddies. The Orks also received a pair of anti-aircraft quad guns, left by the previous owners.

The game was fast and bloody. Some fine shooting from the Guard thinned out the Boyz enough to make a direct assault possible.
The Boys crashed into Bravo squad and killed them over the course of two turns. The Big Mek had the misfortune of being hit by a meltagun firing on overwatch, and that was that for him.
What is the best way to clear out a building full of Orks? Blow it up with the power of Melta. That is what the HQ squad did immediately upon exiting their Valkyrie. The rest of the Orks were routed and the Stormtroopers won the day. The mission was very fast and fluid, and a bit rough for the Orks, but that is what they get for dropping rocks on people.

The Gargant Project is still underway! Go have a look at its progress over at  In The Grim Cheapness of the Future .

Next up, yet more Knights!

The Emperor Protects
And Valkyries do His Work


  1. As a big mek fan, I to hate melta :).

  2. Meltaguns on Overwatch/Death or Glory have a disturbingly high success rate on my table.