Friday, June 5, 2015

Carnage Asada 15

4,000 points of Khorne aficionados with 2,000 points of  liberated IG penal legion versus 2K each of Space Wolves, Eldar, and Blood Angels. What does that equal? Epic bloodbath! Atomic Warlords annual BBQ and kill-fest took place and it delivered the goods.

We played a large game of 40K (as opposed to Apocalypse) on a 8'x 6' battlefield with six objectives scattered around the board and one big summoning objective in the center. Victory points were scored at he end of each player's turn, 1 each for the small ones, and three for the big one, plus one for the each sides warlord killed. This kept the objectives simple and the game fast moving. Which it was.

I have was having too much fun and did a terrible job at documenting the battle. Sorry, I have a kunning plan to do better battle reports in the future.

Here are the highlights!

The Marine/Eldar alliance went first and did a good amount of damage to my troops. I lost a Land Raider to a single hit from a Space Wolf Predator and the Brass Scorpion went down under a barrage of Bright Lances.

Pete's Psychic-heavy renegades did an outstanding job throughout the entire game, and summoned all manner of Daemon fun to the table, including a Bloodthirster. He only had a few psykers turned inside out from Perils of the Warp.

Matt brought a Venerable Host of six(!) Blood Angel dreadnoughts, quite an impressive sight, however a first turn traffic jam delayed their arrival at the center of the action.

Jeff's Space Wolves charged fearlessly into the center of the battle and held the summoning circle for two turns. It took 3 squads of Berzerkers, a Heldrake, and the Lord of Skulls to dislodge them.

Mrs. Blackheart's Eldar shot up my forces, but her Cloud Strike formation of Flacons loaded with Aspect warriors kept rolling ones to arrive. When they finally did arrive on turn three they blew up the renegade Shadowsword, my Predator, and a squad of Berserkers. But it was too late. the Forces of Khorne had built up a large lead in VPs.

The Lord of Skulls definitely had Khorne's favor that day. It took a couple of D hits from the Wraithknight before taking said Wraithknight apart in a hail of gatling cannon fire. For an encore it then fought off three Blood Angel dreadnoughts.

After four turns the game was called in a Chaos victory, with quite a kill tally on both sides. It was one of those games that could have easily gone either way, with a few key die rolls making the difference. We all had a good time and the Carne Asada was delicious.

BBQ for the BBQ God!
Skulls too.

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