Friday, May 16, 2014

Peeling back the curtain just a bit

This weeks White Dwarf has good deal on the new edition of 40K. So much for it being just a clean up of 6th. Well, no more than 5th was a revised 4th and all. Call me a overly optimistic fanboy but I am actually really looking forward to 7th edition, starting with the throwbacks to second edition, the three book rules set and the Psychic phase.
I love all the fluff and pretty pictures in the rule books, but the phonebook sized 6th was so heavy and unwieldy when trying to using in a real game. Just having the rules in a mere 208 page book will be so much nicer. Or on my tablet, choices, choices. At any rate, the three hardcovers in a slipcase is a great idea.

We will have to wait and see exactly how the new psychic phase works, but it sounds solid and something that will add to the game without putting much drag on the turn structure. Daemonology sounds fun and a real boost to the fans of the ruinous powers.

The new missions set seems very dynamic and should be entertaining. The other huge change is of course, the Unbound army selection. Sounds like a lot of fun, providing you don't play with total smegheads. And even then it should be good for a laugh. Used responsibly it will allow for interesting battlegroups that exist in the fluff but cannot be made using the existing FOC. Like my all assault squad army that is coming to to a table soon, or a "proper" Ork kult of speed. Oh, the possibilities.

I want to wait until next week when I have the rules in hand before I yap about the rules tweaks.

The Emperor Protects
We'll see how well he listened to our pleas


  1. Any word on some form of new starter box set?

  2. The Magic Eight Ball says "Unclear, Concentrate and try again".

    There are two big groups of rumors on that subject.
    1: The Dark Vengeance set gets a minor re-do.
    2: Brand new set with Blood Angels and Orks in July-ish.
    Both have merits. We will know more in a bit