Thursday, May 29, 2014

Carnage Asada '14

On Monday we had our annual Kill-fest and BBQ. We played the largest sized Apocalypse battle we have ever done with 10,000 points per side. Three Tyranid players vs. a Guard and a Space Wolf player. The sight of all those well painted figures on the table at one time was truly amazing. The down side was it took a very long time per turn, and the mission I had picked turned into the exact opposite of what I intended. 

I had wanted a more dynamic mission that would not expose as much of the current handicaps the Tyranids have versus a shooting heavy army, such as an Imperial Guard army with three "D" weapons on the table. It quickly turned into "line-up-and-shoot-the-hell-out-of-the-Tyranids" kind of game. It was still fun, but frustrating for the Tyranid players. So I take full blame for that, and thank Pete, Matt, and Mrs. Blackheart for being great sports and gallantly charging in regardless. 

This was our last game under the Sixth Edition rules, and since Seventh did not really help the 'Nids out much we are looking at a few house rule changes. Notably the ability for Fleet units to run and assault. More on that in the next few weeks. Now for some pictures!

As usual, I was having too much fun and rum to remember to take enough photos, or to make sure the "awesome" shots I was taking were in something approaching focus. Which most weren't. I will try to appease the Machine Spirit better next time.

Overall, it was a very good time; socializing, rolling dice, eating great Cane Asada, and  hanging out with my friends. Which to me, is the point of holidays. So thanks to all the Atomic Warlords for a excellent day.

The Emperor Protects
And Invented BBQ

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