Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gork and Mork-anauts

The Orks are officially upon us and leading the way is a new heavy dread creation. I was put off at first by the yellow paint job, but I like it. It is blocky and brutal looking, right on the line between comical and intimidating. Of course I already have a good size Dread Mob so it will fit right in.

For the points of a Land Raider what do you get? Armor 13, 5 HP, and a lot of dakka. It has a transport ability of six which may be good for getting your warboss/Big Mek closer to the action in style. The way the two different versions pay homage to their different Gods is a nice touch. The Gorkanaut is a bit more brutal and of course the Morkanaut is a little more Kunning with it's weapons load out and the ability to get a kustom force field.

Hopefully this a good portent for the upcoming Ork releases. It does seem to follow the recent release pattern: One big new kit, and re-do a few old ones and repackage the rest. We will have to see which of the rumors ore correct. I am hoping for new buggies and Mega-nobs.

Beware the Hand of Gork
Mork too.

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  1. Really looking forward to this release. I agree, they struck a great balance with this one.