Friday, March 28, 2014

Old One Eye and the Crushers

My slightly mad Carnifex upgrade project has seen completion. Soon six Carnifexes led by the new & improved Old One Eye shall crush all before them! Or get shot to ribbons as they lumber across the field.
The Haruspex's plus-sized crushing claws look great on the old fellow. Rules wise, I think he was hit by the lazy brush as well. Making him a HQ unit? Great, but why not have him adjust the FOC a bit? Like making Carnifexes a troop or at least scoring unit? That would be shake things up a bit. I really enjoyed it when Old One Eye might get back up after taking his last wound, or when his regeneration was better, now it is the same as any other unit that takes it. I'm thinking of trying Feel No Pain for him, in addition to his regeneration. Not overpowering, just a little bump to give him back his flavor.

"Hey One Eye!"


  1. Dammit, that looks cool.

    Now I wish I hadn't suggested it. That way I could've done it first... :)

    1. Just think of it as I validated your concept. And made it cool.