Monday, March 24, 2014

Oderus Urungus, R.I.P.

If there ever was a band that was an incarnation of 40K-style Chaos it was GWAR. I had many, many gaming sessions with GWAR on in the background. Clever lyrics full of over-the-top cartoony violence and sex, and then some more violence, they were not everybody's cup of tea. I saw then live several times with fellow Warlord Jeff, we escaped covered in stage blood and other alien fluids. It was great.

Sadly today, Dave Brockie, the human alter-ego of Oderus Urungus was found dead in his home. USA Today has a write-up here. He brought a lot of joy to our black hearts, he will be missed.

"From my fortress in Antarctica
I watch the world die
On my Sony Trinitron that's switched to channel 5."


  1. 'Tis a sad, sad day fer all us Metalheads...
    I will bang my head a lil' lower, as I listen to some Gwar tonight.
    Thanks fer posting this...Loquacious actually told me this morning, and I've been moping all day.
    I will continue their mission to destroy this pathetic planet...
    I am Xenos.
    Iz my duty.

  2. Saw them live a bunch back in the day, helluva show. Nothing came close to that amount of fun seeing a band afterwards. RIP

  3. It is a real downer. He just toured Australia and Japan. They made a big impression here in Oz and the shows they did here will be talked about as legend for years to come.
    Cheers from this Human Scum.