Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lobster Claws for Carnifexes

Top: Haruspex, Middle:Tervigon, Bottom: Carnifex
I'm slowly catching up on my third re-do of my Tyranid army. I've gotten to the Carnifex portion. I have decided to add two more of the big lugs to my force, mostly because I want to see people's faces when I put down six Carnifexes plus Old One Eye. I am adding crushing claws to two models, so I went for a dive in my bitz bin. I pulled out a few, and to my surprise one was bigger.

Doing a little backtracking I found that the Crushing Claws that come in the Tyrannofex/ Tervigon kit are a bit larger than the "standard" ones. As luck would have it I had two sets floating around. Pete had suggested using the big claws from the Haruspex for Old One Eye, and he was right, they look terrifying on him. Pics on his re-do next.
Scything Talons come in multiple forms as well.

The Great Devourer Hungers
And has evolved multi-tools

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