Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Death in the Skies

We had a total of four runs on the Top Gun Tournament. So let's go in opposite order.

Fourth Place: Sadly, me...
I took a Valkyrie Vendetta, I thought with its high armor and solid firepower I could really clean up. Yes and no. The armor was proof against big shootas from the front and side, I took two glances from the rear from some seriously lucky Ork shooting. I damaged a Battlewagon, and destroyed one of the primaries (The Soopergun Battlewagon).
 On turn two the Black Barron arrived right behind me. Despite a torrent of firepower only two hits and not so much as a glance! I went into hover mode, spun around and blew him out of the sky. I followed him promptly as the first Ork rokkit of the turn exploded my ship.
40 points.

Third Place: Jeff
Jeff picked the sexy-as-hell Eldar Crimson Hunter as his mount. Following a similar path he smoked a Battlewagon and the Soopergun. On turn three he damaged the Ork fuel dump and was brought down by a lucky rokkit hit. 45 points.

Second Place: Matt
Time for the flying brick to dispatch the xenos. Matt's Stormraven was totally immune to all shoota fire, that and the machine spirit gave him quite an edge. He strafed, plasma-ed, and chucked missile without mercy. 11 boyz, a trukk, and the Soopergun all fell before the Black Barron showed up. The Oky ace got many hits and took a single hull point from the Stormraven and a rokkit from the ladz stunned it. In the following turns the Ork flyer was destroyed by a pair off Bloodstrike missiles. The machine spirit got a wound on the Warboss. Sadly Matt's path of destruction was stopped short on turn 4 by low fuel. 61 points.
First Place: Gillian
Mrs. Blackheart also took the Eldar Crimson Hunter. Fragile but very lethal. Each turn a Ork target fell before the Hunter's powerful weapons, A battlewagon, the Soopergun, The Black Baron, and the Ork Fuel Depot. The mass of Ork shootas wore the Hunter down and it crashed at the end of turn four. 62 points. A one point win.

The event was a lot of fun and we hope to do another soon. next time with Necron and Chaos fliers participating. Sixth edition is a flexible game system and many entertaining scenarios can be had within it. I think we will have a bit less ground fire and some sort of handicap for the points difference between filers.

The Emperor Protects
but watch the skies

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