Monday, November 4, 2013

Why No Assault Troop Army?

Space Marine players have been able to take an all Biker army since Fourth Edition. What has been missing the last two editions is the all Assault Trooper army. My question today is why?

If a Space Marine Captain or Master takes a bike then Bike Squads count as Troops. His Command Squad can also take bikes. Great. Nicely thematic and makes sense since all Tactical Marines have been trained on bikes. Also good if you are representing one of the reserve companies.

This is not true if your Captain/Master takes a Jump Pack. This strikes me as strange since all Tactical Marines have been trained on Jump packs and had to spend time in a Assault Squad.

Of course this all stems from the fact that I want to start a new Marine Army. I have 10,000 points of Dark Angels and 4,000 of Space Wolves, so I wanted a more Codex-y Chapter. Maybe Ultramarines, maybe a new Chapter. I wanted a Space Marine aerospace assault themed force. Jump troops, Land Speeders, Stormtalon/ravens, that sort of thing. I happily sat down with the new codex to hammer out a new army and found I really couldn't do it. Lame.

The main stumbling block being the inability to take Assault Troops as a Troop choice. The solution is easy. The real question is there any reason is shouldn't be allowed? A Space Marine on a bike cost more, but is much more effective that a Space Marine with a Jump Pack. Is there something I am missing or did the powers who wrote the new Codex just didn't think of it? At any rate, were is my fix.

Airborne Assault: If a detachment includes a Chapter Master or Captain equipped with a Jump Pack, Assault Squads of a least ten models may be taken as troop choices instead of fast attack.

Add to Command Squad Options:
The entire squad may take jump packs..........15 points.

And that's it. Please leave your comments for or against it.

The Emperor Protects
With Jet packs!


  1. Not a bad idea but what about using blood angels there fairly codexie if you ignore the whole black rage red thirst fiasco and they can do exactly the army your looking for.

    1. A good suggestion, I have been thinking about it, it just seems simpler to add a rule to the Codex Marines than to ignore a few in the Blood Angels Codex.

  2. One of the Forge-World chapter tactics makes assault marines and vanguard vets scoring units. That could get you close.

    1. I did not see that, I will check it out. Thanks!

  3. Korvydae of the Raven Guard makes assault marines troops (it's in the ork IA book). Only downside is you need 1 unit of scouts but put them in a storm and you can stay fairly fast moving.

  4. That is much closer to what I want in my army. I'm glad that the Storm is now a dedicated transport.

  5. I think its just and right. Let the dice tell you if it is worth it.