Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Something, something, Danger Zone!

This year for the Emperor's B-day we did something a bit different: The Atomic Warlords' Top Gun Tournament!

What is this madness you may ask? Well, here is this years mission:

Lone Intruder 
Ork Warlord Killjack Grimjaw is about to launch a major offensive. Your forces are not yet ready to meet him. A single fighter could slip by the outer defenses and do enough damage to delay Grimjaw.

The player takes one flyer of his choice outfitted anyway they like.

The goal is to score as many points as possible before being shot down or running out of fuel.

The (4x6) table is set up with terrain a bunch of Orks and three primary targets at the far end.

At the start of Ork turn 2 the Black Barron arrives from a random table edge.
At the start of Ork turn 5 Fireflash arrives from a random table edge.

  25 points: Primary Target Destroyed
  5 points: Primary Target damaged
  1 point: Ork Boy
  10 points: Deff Dread
  15 points: Battlewagon
  5 points: Deffkopter
  5 points: Warbuggy
  5 points: Trukk
  15 points: Ork Fighta (Black Barron & Fireflash)

Bingo Fuel:
At the end of turn four the player rolls a D6, 1 or 2 the mission ends. 3+ it continues.
At the end of turn five roll again, 1-4 the mission ends, 5+ one more turn is played.

The player starts on the short table edge on the other side from the primary targets and goes first.
All Orks move & fire normally.

Next, the tournament results.

The Emperor Protects
And would be your wingman anytime


  1. This game needed more Doom Scythes, that's all I've got to say...