Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Emperor of Mankind!

What do you get someone whose first name is "The"? Only undying loyalty and death to all heretics. And cake! Do not forget the cake.

We here at Atomic Warlords hope you enjoy this holy day of smiting all those who oppose us. We celebrated by hosting the 40K Top Gun Invitational Tournament. More on that tomorrow.

We also played Fantasy Flight's Relic. For five hours. Relic is a fun game, just oozing with 40K goodness but it is a bit of a grind at the start. Which is to be expected of any game based on Talisman, for which a six hour game would be very quick. The main drag on the game seems to be the very slow start, and the complete randomness of the threats. As you are struggling to level up, few things are as bad as drawing Typhus or a Hive Tyrant right at the beginning. We are going to try a game of Relic were all the players start with some wargear and level 5 to try and make it more of a race than a slow slog. I'll tell you how that goes.

The Emperor Protects
Enjoy the Golden Cake

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