Monday, April 8, 2013

Tau, Gundam style

Say 'ello to my big friend.
Like so many others in our little hobby, I love killer mecha. Which is one of the reasons the Tau and their anime inspired battlesuits appealed to me. I got my hands on a XV104 Riptide on Saturday. And it is a really nice kit. Easy to build with lots of options. It looks great and is quite big.

That's him officer, the one in the middle.
 I like the Riptide's name in different langues on the side of the box. XV104 Cataclismo has such a nice ring to it. After reading the New Codex I was torn on which weapon I would equip the Riptide with. So, I though, what would a crazy person do? Magnets! My first foray into the rare earth madness.

It was a pain, but well worth it. Fun fact, when working with powerful really small magnets, try to avoid mounting them close together. Like I did. Eventually. Taking a cue from Matt (whose magnetic insanity we will uncover later) marking one side with a red sharpie really helped, because those little bastards love to flip over at the worst time.
Time to go build the new Broadside suit. Without main weapon swapping.

The Emperor Protects
Just not from magnets


  1. Y'know, when I first saw the Riptide I thought Gundam. I wonder how long it's going to take someone to paint one up in a Gundam color scheme and then reverse-apply it to a whole army...?

  2. "El Cataclismo" will be my new porn name.

  3. Note to self: No drinking while reading comments.
    I nearly had Diet Coke all over my monitor.
    Still, Catchy name.