Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Relic has arrived

We'll take a moment out the 28mm version of 40K and have a quick look a Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) new board game, Relic. As most of you know, Fantasy Flight Games has been licensing out the things Games Workshop used to do; role playing games, card and boardgames set in the Warhammer & 40k universes.

A while back FFG did a new release of the classic GW Talisman, a Warhammer Fantasy board game. Relic is a 40K version of Talisman and full of typical outstanding FFG artwork and components.

In a nutshell, each player picks one of the ten Imperial characters and adventures around the map, completing missions and engaging enemies. You gain experience and wargear to help with more difficult foes. Ultimately you must acquire a powerful relic and fight the final battle with the evil that is threatening the sector. 

Relic looks great and I'll post a game report later this week after we have our first game.

Check out FFG's nice teaser for it here.

The Emperor Protects
In all forms


  1. Very interesting...
    Someone please just hand over the 40k franchise to FF altogether...they seem to have a much better handle on making their games actually reflect the grimdark universe they're set in.

  2. There are a number of ex-GW employees writing stuff for Fantasy Flight. Fantasy Flight does seem to have a really good handle on the fluff.