Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fire. And lots of it.

Somebody need a light?
Flamers have gotten more useful in 6th edition. My Steel Legion army had none, because in their Great Wisdom, GW never made any for them. Meltaguns either, but I use the Grenade Launchers as Meltas.

Many times I had suffered Ork, Dark Eldar, and especially Tyranid attacks and wished I had a few at my disposal. Now with the fun and horrifying prospect of hordes of zombies (see next weeks post) I really need some. What to do?

I set out with a vague plan and things went from there. The old metal Steel Legion troopers only had one pose that was good for the conversion I had in mind. I took a pair of flamers from my yet to be made Cadians, some cutting, some green stuff, and flame on! Now I need to pick up a new Hellhound...

The Emperor Protects
But the Promethium Helps


  1. Very nice! Indeed it would be nice to have ready-made SL meltas and flamers.

  2. Fire? Zombies aren't afraid of fire. Hah!

    Fantastic conversions. Very nice job.