Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blood for all my Friends

He's right behind me, isn't he?
Time to take the new Chaos Codex out for a little stroll. A timeless match-up of close combat enthusiasts.
Frenzied blood-crazed madmen against the World Eaters.

Matt took a lean and very mean 2,000 points of  "We drink blood, but's that's okay 'cause we work for some dead guy," Blood Angles. I brought a misunderstood group of Khorne followers and some allies from the warp.
I love taking skulls thiiis much!
Do not hug the Death Company Dreadnought.
We played "The Relic" scenario. Well, not really. After placing the artifact at the center of the table, neither one of us gave it a second thought.
Not a lot of cover.
I gave my Berzerkers on bikes a go. Of course now they are not Berzerkers on bikes anymore, just bikers with the mark of Khorne. A important difference that will limit their future use. Turn one had little shooting and mostly just running towards each other. The highlights of the game were:

-Matt's Chaplain-led assault squad wiping out a freshly arrived unit of Bloodletters before they could do anything.
-Kharn killing five Blood Angels and two Berzerkers in one round of close combat, and then hacking up the Death Company Dreadnought.
I only look like a Brass Scorpion.

-My shamefully unpainted Soul Grinder shrugging off repeated lascannon and Krak missile fire to crush a dreadnought.
-The Khorne's Angels biker club wiped out in a turn by a deep striking Vanguard Squad.
-And the Bloodthrister arriving to avenge the loss of the Bloodletters.

The game was close, but the World Eaters came out on top.
Overall it was a good first game for the new Codex, and I look forward to my next victims.

Blood for the Blood God!


  1. Blood for the... ummm...

    Blood for everyone!!

    Still love Matt's dreadnaught. So sorry it and Kharn disagreed on bloodletting practices.

  2. Oh Kharn admires the Death Company very much. He just just gets carried away by his enthusiasm for the spilling of blood.