Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When There's No More Room In Hell

The Dead Will Walk The Earth. Or a convenient tabletop.
New Codex, old enemies. Plague Zombies have long been one of those units have have rules, and then aren't  updated for nigh on a decade. Both Pete and I have had zombies in our Chaos forces since The Eye of Terror Codex in '03. As we are still trying out the new Chaos Codex it was time for Zombies. And who better to bring their shambling bodies upon the battle field than Zombie Wrangler Pete?

It's time for the 1,000 point Zombie Challenge! Pete brought Typhus, a Drea-, er, Hellbrute, a trio of undead body constructs (counts as chaos spawn) and a whole lot of dead guys.

Commander Matt was brave enough to be volunteered as the first battle. None of us really knew how it was to play out, so Matt's Blood Angel detachment turned out to be far too few in number and had no blast/template weapons.

The Stormraven did cut a swath though the zombie horde for a turn and looked to be the deciding factor in Matt's favor. Then a single lucky shot from the Hellbrute's Reaper autocannons brought it down. Thus the Blood Angels fate was sealed. Matt fought on valiantly but the numbers were stacked against him.

The day was carried by Typhus' warband. With these lessons paid for by the Blood Angels, the Steel Legion stand ready to halt the spread of the Zombie Plague with fire!

The Emperor Protects
Just not against hot dice


  1. Taking out Matt's Stormraven was a bit of complete luck that really tipped the whole game in my favor. This could've gone his way very easily.

    Still... when it came crashing to the ground and exploded, and his face dropped, you could almost see the little girl next to him saying "We should get inside. It'll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night..."